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    Just as previous mentioned, it takes a really long time to go through the rules. There's a YouTube clip where Fantasy Flight themselves going through the essence of the game, the clip takes about 30 minutes. Would think that you earn more than an hour if all seen that clip before beginning ... It feels, however, that most comparable game takes a long time to learn, no one played before. Obviously, they take even longer to fully master the ... For my part, it is among the most fun board games I've ever played. Dislikes generally random outputs in kind, etc., but if you like some random so you can use the battle-cards (can not remember if it's really the correct term for them). It is described in the regulations, and these cards are optional, decide before you start (not to be confused with house cards, etc.). Otherwise I like the extra dimensions that come through supplies, Influence charts, etc. The entire layup with power tokens is very interesting and works well. The tactic is also very interesting if someone starts to exploit the potential of craft and so on. The fact that one can make and break alliances crisscross, and really take advantage of these, so does the course intrigues with the number of players. Briefly summarized, the game becomes quickly as complex and entertaining as books and films, but without becoming overly difficult to learn. Should you tire of the original so there are also a couple of expansions that develop the game in slightly different directions.
    Really fun party game! However, it requires about 2 hours to go through the rules and set up plays for the first time and probably longer if NOBODY has played it before. Once you have however gone through the rules, the game is easy to run over and over again. It is also extremely fun and exciting to play! It may be a little disappointing is that it goes too fast with the game but you can always put some rules of the game for an extended and very fun gaming experience. The game is in other words very well invested money. HOWEVER, it is a minimum of 3 players which can be difficult to pull together if we are not a gang who usually play well to the gaming experience grow, the greater the gang becomes, hence, it can become a little sad that lira 3-4x player even on the go. So because of at least three players and the presentation about how the players are distributed on board will drop unfortunately the score a little. But for the hardcore with a loyal player traffic and loyal thrones fans are purchasing a must!