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    The Samsung VR Headset with Controller comes with manuals presented in a sleek black box with the VR components easily distinguishable. Identifiable manuals with clear and concise instructions direct through the setup. In the box are included multiple connectors that allow a means of connecting to a variety of Samsung devices from the S6 upwards. When used with my S8 I was automatically encouraged before first use to download the required software on to my S8, so I could use the VR headset. This is a great plus as it means no time is wasted trying to figure out what software is required and avoids trying to install software one by one. The Oculus Store offers a great range of immersive experiences. The store offers a range of videos, games and other AR experiences, which allow you to try new things whilst improving your knowledge of interests and hobbies. These immersive experiences are fantastic, as they transport you to new places whilst still in the comfort of your own home. Additionally, the VR headset allows you to experience your videos captured on the Gear 360 in a new immersive experience, and along with the Facebook Gear 360 app that allows you to watch yours and other uploaded videos in a new way. The gaming experience is fantastic for all. The gaming range varies covering a vast mix of games for kids to adults. The kids’ games aim to keep them entertained, educated and engaged for hours and allows the easy navigation through the game. The VR is simplistic and easy to use and to pick up on what is required to be done. The games for the older generations, offer experiences from driving simulation to shooting to puzzles and a variety and mix of the in-between. Keeping you as engaged for hours as it does with kids. Being a gamer and liking the simulation games, I really liked being in the driving seat and taking part in the racing games. The motion controller is so beneficial as it helps with the movement through the immersive gaming experiences if the movement around is restrictive. Furthermore, the VR headset can be connected to a TV via the smart view on the Samsung devices to a Samsung TV so what is happening on the headset can be witnessed by everyone in the room. Overall the VR headset is an amazing device that allows you to see videos and games in an immersive experience that would be a worthwhile investment for Samsung S6 and up users. The possibilities and potential are endless with the Samsung VR. Definitely Recommend!
    This gadget is amazing! From the slick black packaging to the crisp black finish and comfortable design to the actual VR functioning! The image quality is second to none; clear and as if you’re enveloped in the image. A must have if you’re into gaming, watching HD sports or even just Netflix. The only negative is that it kills your phone battery.
    Samsung Gear VR continues to be dominant force in virtual reality headsets. Completely black headset made of sturdy plastic. The padding meets your forehead and strong adjustment of straps make it way more comfier. the only con I see in this fabulous tech is that its lot heavier than google day dream view and obviously your experience using this tech depends on the smartphone you use and it can only be used with only 8 cellphones, which actually hurts. The actual addition to this version is sleek stylish black remote which makes it easier to operate. I think Samsung Gear VR has a potential for plenty of first-person shooter type games which I am looking forward to. In short, Samsung Gear VR seems unchallenged because its the best affordable virtual headset in market and I hope things will only go better with latest iteration of the headset. Conclusion: the Gear VR is a great platform for those who don’t want to invest in more expensive Virtual Reality techs.
    I promised myself, I will test the Gear VR as an "everyday person" with normal exceptions. I don't want to much but at least enjoyable experiences. Let's started! Package: Massive black box with tons of Samsung pieces inside. Two different USB sockets to your phone plus one adaptor for charger, straps and an extra one to keep the remote controller in one place with the Gear VR when not in use. Batteries are included to the controller and a strap for your wrist. Assembly: Pretty straight forward, if you have a basic experiences it shouldn't be a problem. Just spend enough time to set the straps, well worth it later as can be uncomfortable to wear the Gear VR. Wear the gear: After the best and final adjustment it still uncomfortable for my nose. Maybe I have a bigger nose them normal, maybe my face is not big enough but I wasn't able to set the the straps and the foam line on the frame to get comfy, so I breath like Darth Vader. Sometimes you will start sweating behind the headset - it is really depends of the content you see - but if you keep getting brakes this can easily be prevented. Connect to VR: As I never had any experiences with VR, it was not too difficult to set up the Gear VR. Had some difficulties but if you use your reflexes can get out from any trap. So many new icons, apps and features. Need a few minutes to understand the Gear VR gallery is not equal with your phone gallery. Has own browser, YouTube etc, don't try to search any of your app from your phone, this is a separate device with own features. Controller: Almost perfect. Maybe just me, but I found illogical the place of two buttons, the home button on the right and the back button on the left hand side. If you have a look on your Samsung phone or even the side of the Gear VR you will find them opposite way. Doesn't need to say how many times I pushed the wrong button! The size of the controller is far to small for me. I can't use the big circle button and the trigger button at the same time. Additionally, the controller after a short period it slips out from my palm. Simply too small. Virtual world: Wow! It looks good! Floating windows, panorama view, controls everything with your lightsaber and many many new experiences! I was so excited and I spent three days in row on VR untill.... The reality: ....I got bored. And annoyed. I was annoyed in the first place. All technical issues, starts from the phone heat up and shut the VR off quite often, or missing feature like can answer a phone call. The most negative side of the whole Gear VR is the resolution. I know, it's the phone, but some content are quite enjoyable, mostly games or the menu of apps, but most of the media, like online videos, any 360° videos or pictures are blurry, pixelated. So uncomfortable for your eyes, causing headache after a period of time. Summary: Samsung brings the expected quality and high tech but the quality content still not arrived yet for me.
    Are Samsung dabbling in things they don't need to ... I'm not sure if theres a big fad with VR at the moment just like the 3D glasses phase with tvs etc. Samsung is surely pushing it though especially as you get one for free with their latest S8 phone too. First google was offering free cardboard goggles, then the Guardian paper sent me a free one also recently too. Clearly its more elegant having a branded 'Samsung' kit to show off though. How much better is it to a cardboard mock up is debatable. The 3D immersive experience is good, but is brilliant ONLY if you have one of those 4D moving seats with this VR set on. Whilst in Dubai, I went into the Samsung store, and they had the 4D seat and made me put on this VR. Watching a rollercoaster ride was fantastic as if I was really there. But sadly the normal consumer doesn't have a thousand pound seat in their living room. Consequentially, this piece of kit will entertain your family and amaze you for a week but then it'll sadly sit there just gathering dust. When you setup the VR on your phone, its quite overwhelming how many different apps it downloads - the samsung vr one, samsung internet vr, the oculus app etc. After setting it all up, you'd spend a while figuring out wheres what but with a hand controller controlled via your phones bluetooth. i was hoping from the VR a library of tours to see things around the world that'll I'd never see. Shamefully its hard to figure out wheres what easily in the numerous illogical libraries so you end up going through a load of videos which are almost like just little trailers but nothing actually noteworthy. There is a netflix app also but I'm not sure why anyone would use this to watch a film. Regardless of what you watch, your phone over heats greatly! and as a result a message will pop up after about 10-15 minutes use to say you have to turn this off to have a break (either for eye safety or because the phone might actually explode due to it being so hot). The content to view is of poor quality. Theres very little HD videos to watch and the content available is rubbish. There is a Disney app where you play around watching some stuff but its really just 'o thats cool isn't it' and you'll want to move on and never revisit. The VR is actually uncomfortable. You'll chuckle but I couldn't breath through my nose with this thing on as the weight of it presses on your nose so much, and if you're not looking through the correct part of the lenses, then it'll be blurry. Its only after I played around with all the straps that you can just about manage to ease the frontal weight. For me though I'd stick with the cardboard VR: its light, perfect to have a laugh and see things, and then you put it away. Otherwise, Samsungs VR really is an expensive toy which has a very short 'best before end'.
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