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    Release year
    Field of view
    96 °
    Uses the phone's display


    Type of USB connector
    USB 2.0
    1 pc
    USB 3.0/3.1 (Gen 1)
    0 pc
    USB powered (only mha USB)

    Image properties

    Field of view
    96 °
    Uses the phone's display
    Screen size (mobile)
    5.1 - 5.7 inches


    318 g


    Supplied accessories




    Release year



    3.7 of 5 stars

    Based on 10 reviews

    To summarize: + Awesome VR sense + Easy to get started - Closes not tight (let in light) - Touch Panel - The size of VR apps - Fun gimmick but with too many flaws Has tested a number of times now with my Galaxy S7, and it is very strange in the beginning of focus but they get used to some extent. Even incisive how I stood in the kitchen and got dizzy! It's still pretty awesome that you can achieve it with a simple headset. Continued so close they do not completely close on the head. Delicious in lot of light in the corner of my eye and I have to be fairly normal shape but obviously need to be rounded so that they fit tightly. The third major point is the touch panel that is completely impossible to deal with precision.Det becomes instead to throw your finger and maybe hit the right. Should we use this VR headset effectively, even an accessory in the form of a controller. Number four is that apps will take huge amounts of internal space. My internal filled up at a furious pace and almost nothing is going to move over to the external memory. Got soon start uninstalling else to fit. After all, still an acceptable product. It's fun and it has been pretty funny to friend sitting with it and look enormously silly when hen jumps around and jerk;)
    PoseiDon Official
    Can you use Samsung Galaxy J3
    Revolutionary. With the right software conjures it easy you away to another world. Best is also about connecting a good Bluetooth controls. Stay away from all the flat / pixelated / bad 360 videos recorded in 2D, which destroys feeling. You need to find the hidden gems!
    +++++ Give it to 1 They have done it cheaper but still of such high quality. 2 The feeling is very good, and some may be better but it comes when technology advances. 3 It has .mkv support with .acc or .mp3 720p videos. Then the resolution is quite ok although I had a happy way galaxy s7 with 4k display. You who have overheating problems, try converting your movies on the handbrake at 720p then (1280 ---) depending on what your film is the aspect. I can see two 2-hour 3D movies SBS without problems, without overheating or battery drain. / Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
    I have followed the VR field for a while and got a cardboard for some six months ago. I was prepared to Gear VR would be fairly simple and not so impressive. Low expectations i.e. I have used the Gear VR with S7 Edge. The first thing I did was to try the game Lands End which is described as the best of the Gear VR. I can really recommend getting a Gear VR and the game. Yes, it's very simple graphics. But the experience of being there is phenomenal. It is easy to lose yourself in this VR world. I look forward to the games that are created for 6-12 months. Netflix seemed like a joke just when I tried it in the beginning. It's grainy and a bit of bad quality in general. But after a while it was like to get used to having a small television. The experience of being shut off from everything else, and just see the movie was interesting. It is hard to imagine that I would use it a lot. + The battery works surprisingly well on a S7 Edge. + Unit sits perfectly ok head, but spans a little hard. - It's good to have a cord that goes into the device to not pull on the mobile battery also provides power to the VR helmet (if I understand it correctly). But some games it is impossible. So possibly the mobile's battery to die faster because of this add-on. - After approximately 40-50 minutes utilizing it becomes a little strained eyes. - It is meckigt trying to get the Gear VR gonna work with Cardboard or eg Youtube. So quite a lot of functionality, there are competing platform will be harder to share. There is software that helps to be able to use it (turn the Gear VR services), but it had been schyst Samsung still gave capability directly using Cardboard software. I would only recommend VR helmet for those who really want to try something new and are willing to use the toy for a month and then never again. You will get a taste of the future. It is a given that this will hit big when just go down and quality up.
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