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Release year
Field of view
110 °
Built in display


Type of USB connector
USB (Type A)
USB 2.0
1 pc
USB 3.0/3.1 (Gen 1)
3 pc
USB powered (only mha USB)

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Field of view
110 °
Built in display
Display technology
Refresh rate
90 Hz


Product weight
380 g


Built-in headphones, Room-scale tracking
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3.4 of 5 stars

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Provides eight stars, but much of this may be due to VR technology itself, which is the coolest thing that happened the game industry in years. I ordered my CV1 directly from Oculus, which lowered prices significantly. The price for a CV1 * plus * touch controls, ended up (including shipping) at lower than Swedish stores takes only CV1! The delivery took two days of stock in the Netherlands. If you're only going to play cockpit-based games such as E: or D driving game it is enough naturally CV1 good, but the price cut did that I also bought Touch control. These take everything to the next level, and is highly recommended provided you have the space. They may own review for their product page. Has taken Oculus Rift DK2 in a couple of years before I recently hit on a CV1. DK2 was used basically only for Elite Dangerous, where it worked great, except that the resolution is not really sufficient to make text readable. Have not tested Vive, so comparisons are therefore DK2. GOOD: Quality impression is good, and all parts are really smart. Everything comes in a flashy box which is perfect if you should carry it often. CV1 has better resolution than DK2 and the text of E: D is much clearer. It also very much smaller distance between the pixels that make the "mosquito" one saw everywhere with DK2 basically gone. It is also much easier to connect to and use of the whole. Then DK2 demanded several USB ports, and a separate power supply to be plugged into a kind of gateway to harness the requirement is two USB3 for CV1 (more if you have more sensors). However, it can require quite expensive USB3 extension cables if you're going to have a room layout, which Vive'ns wireless beacons seems much smoother. Track No one has been spot on 99.5% of the time for me, even though I drove a sensor on USB2. OK: The fit is OK compared to DK2. Less padding makes it more important to have the "right" face shape. The part that is in contact with the face is replaceable and it has been rumored on alternative forms, but it does not seem to happen a lot on that front. Some reviewer complained about the smell, but I have not any problems with. My DK2 other hand, has a very distinct smell, which I have come to associate with spaceship-cockpits and therefore not at all dislike :) Adjustments are made with Velcro, and I'm afraid they will wear out if you change frequently. If you take turns to play adults and children, it becomes a very adjusting back and forth all the time. A better solution would have been desirable. They built the headphones is a plus, though the sound is more than OK. It lacks the rumbling bass you get in a little heavier lurk, and though one can easily mount the built-in so it would have been fine with a headphone jack on headset'et. Now you have to run the cable all the way to the PC, or wireless handsets. Third party horns with better sound is at once have I seen. BADLY: The real shortage is the "god rays" appeared at dark scenes, and that is because they have chosen to put in fresnel lenses. I had heard about them and seen pictures of how they look, but I had not realized just how big a problem this is. With a dark background, get all the details bright beams directed towards pereferin, and as soon as you touch your eyes or head changes the direction of the rays so it gets very much movement. Elite Dangerous is extremely vulnerable, and at first I almost panicked and was ready to send everything back. By pulling down the brightness of the game's HUD so the problem becomes somewhat smaller, and after a few days so I had partly got used. In the second, lighter games, so you do not think this at all. A further problem is that bright lights risks destroying the display - that's obvious when you think about it, because the lenses act like a magnifying glass and get sunlight into them focused them on the screen burn-in. I've got a bright band at the bottom to support claims is a light injury, and then I have not known to be exposed to the sun at all. There should be a cover that covers the lens when not using it, but for now you get to think about adding it protected. I also feel a certain shame to have given this my money, and not focused on a Vive or future more open options, but I wanted something that was easy to put on and that works well in small spaces (computer usually stay in the bedroom ). The usual view online seemed to be that a rift was better in that regard.
I have followed the development of the re-launch of the VR industry since 2012 and has been tried and has taken virtually every VR headsets available since then (from Cardboard for Rift (DK1, DK2, CV1) / Vive). All headsets in the higher segment has its advantages / disadvantages, but all of them located Rift + Touch the combination is best for home use right now to me. Had I had a much larger space to move me (than 3x3 meters, I can spare now) and only a premium room-scale experiences I had probably run on Viven instead despite its drawbacks (larger / heavier, something meckligare to get on himself / manage, * worse service, worse * image quality, worse * controls). * When I say "worse" so it is not much worse, just that it does not reach the Rift default. IOM that I'm running a bit of everything, both simulators (space / air / car), "classic" games such as Chronos (really good adventure game for WR), and for the lira room-scale experiences such as Arizona Sunshine / Google Earth VR with touch controls it became Riften. The reason is mainly the following: 1) Was looking for HMD with the best perceived image quality. Rift has recognized the best HMD (Head Mounted Display) today. Having used both a lot and Riften gives a smoother image. 2) Convenience / flexibility to use. It should not be a threshold to "jump into" the VR. To Riften e.g. has built-in headphones makes a difference when you pick on / off HMD very often, and the method of adjusting the straps, and its low overall weight. Takes a few seconds to jump in and sits perfectly. Would it be more difficult, I had not used the headset as often. 3) The sense of the control units. Touch is incredibly intuitive and feels like an extension of your hand. In my view, one must acquire Touch if you buy a rift. 4) The gameplay and how mature the product is. Riften is a more polished HMD than competitors in the current situation. The disadvantages are: 1) The lack of "true" 360 degree tracking "out of the box" without requiring a third cam (IOF is an experimental 2 camera 360 position, but have not tried yet as it has not been a real problem yet). Is only a problem if it turns around completely, you rarely need to do, even in games that Arizona sunshine (which is a top game for Rift + Touch and has a very intuitive way to move forward without having to turn around all the time) . But as I said, with a third sensor is a non-issue. 2) The technical solution chosen which requires that the cameras connected to the USB ports on your computer. IOF is not a major problem if the computer is set in such a way so that the cables do not need to be drawn on the contrived manner. Summation: Are you looking for the best possible VR experience today I can warm recommend Riften! It costs a little more than Vive (in that you need to acquire a third camera for full 360 tracking) but then you get something that is perceived better thanks to the absolutely wonderful touches: one and the sharper the HMD. 2018/2019 will supposedly new and significantly better HMD's, you want to wait, you can do it. Or do you get first-generation VR HMD today and also the second gene once it comes. : D
This is my experience of Oculus Rift CV1 + Touch (also owned DK2 who came before CV1): Positively: * Incredible feeling to be able to look around in stereoscopic 3D, whether it is games or VR demos. Fun to show their friends and acquaintances. My favorite is the sense of height is amazing and can give me vertigo. You experience even things greater than if you watched it on a screen, you can compare it with a large movie screen (himself a 120 "screen and think well Oculus is a bit the same, approximately). * "New" game genres and experiences. There are games and experiences that simply works for VR, as on a screen and mouse would have been very mediocre and uninteresting. Ie it becomes a device that is a must if you want to have these experiences. * Simulators. These are of course quite different in VR. * Easy to use. On DK2 who came before CV1 so it was quite a lot of work just to get into the VR, the arrangement was awkward. Here, one can say that they really succeeded, it is incredibly convenient, only to start the game and put on his headset - clear. However, one must go through a "setup" the first time you connect the device, it takes maybe 35 minutes. * Other than games - they can both 3D modeling, drawing and use Google Earth in VR. Perhaps more violently than really useful (as eg one becomes quite out of the arms of modeling in 3D with touch controls, something you do not get with a mouse). But still, there are new opportunities and they work better than expected, in addition, these free. negative: * Poor FOV, it's a bit like looking in a telescope / through a tunnel. This takes away from the experience pretty much unfortunately. Vertically, it is good, but not horizontally, it becomes pretty much black on the sides. I have set IPD'n (the distance between the eyes) on the top (70) as this will provide the best FOV. Does not seem to matter if I lower, everything becomes about as clear but with worse FOV, the lower down you go. It is not bad compared to sitting in front of a screen, even an ultra wide, but in VR, I would not be disturbed by black on the sides, I want a world of VR, it should not. The next generation of VR headsets maybe it's done .. * Not really comfortable. It is particularly uncomfortable to even the nose becomes encased in headset message so you must constantly sniffing the inside of the Rift (see below). Well this depends a bit on the face you have, you have a very (!) Long face get perhaps his nose outside the unit a little more. * Strong smell! The unit smells very synthetic and has a strong odor such. Have now had it for 6 days and it still smells, tried to sniff it out on the balcony for hours but the smell remains. It had probably not bothered if it had not been for that one actually has his nose in it. Big minus. Edit: after some googling; the smell is carcinogenic and generally very unhealthy .. It's the same process as the "new car smell" (which is also not good to breathe in) .. It is a process where the material emit toxic gas. Feels less fun to be breathed into this for many hours. Got an extreme headache from the smell incidentally * Can get a little mist on the screens. Again, a big problem that the nose gets a little enclosed, far from optimal. * You are not 360 tracking with Oculus + Touch. You must have a Camera (if there is sufficient). Touch therefore does not reach all the way into the net, unfortunately. Sad. * Expensive experiences. Many of the games / experiences are very expensive considering what you get. A game or VR demo that you have 15 min - 2h balance of can cost 100 - 200 -. Oculus Store offers no refunds, bad. neutral: * Games. When I had DK2 a couple of years ago it was very demos and indie games, often right half-finished things. You could say that it looks like even now, but the supply is of course even better. It's no masterpiece of gaming although of course can find entertaining titles and things that simply can not work without VR. There is some simulation games, however, that one can say is elaborate and that gives a more serious impression, games as you might think are funny even after one hour. * Touch is a must. You do not want to be without touch and the controls are wonderfully designed. 3000: - that the costs here are extremely expensive .. * Low resolution. Are you used to watch 4K game so you might be very disappointed with the resolution. Personally I have no problem with either the resolution, "God rays" (light effect that can appear on light text on black background), or the vague grid that you can see if you concentrate on it. * Requires a great computer. * High risk that it becomes a device that costs much and who will be collecting dust a lot after the novelty released. Summary: Do not you about to burst out of curiosity, I'd wait for the next generation of VR, waiting to 2-3 years will get something much better and there will be fewer things to be disappointed and even more things to marvel and "Wow ": a over.
Very user friendly and they have got a good overall impression of the experience. It is an expensive product. So if you are not sure if it is something one should try to find a demo somewhere before buying. With the right game there will be a magical experience. The product works well and is easy to install and use. A plus is that the headphones are built into the unit so you can easily jump into the experience. Like taking on a hat. Certainly there are some areas for improvement. One would have liked a higher resolution. But then it will be hard for the computer. Higher FOV, but it is difficult to solve. I'm happy with my purchase and now the games released in good pace. If you're buying a rift, it's almost a must to buy touch controls too. Being able to represent happening in VR is almost a must.
Finally WR here or have they meant to delay it a few more years? The quality you get finally something useful. But price-wise, it is still ridiculous and add controllers for 2000: - extra and it just gets embarrassing. But if you're willing to pay for it and do not want the better experience that HTC Vive provides (where the total is still about the same), it's a very fun experience. There are not as many quality games yet unfortunately, but like to simulators specifically, it is better choice. But the purchase of the world not directly by a Swedish store. They have set prices so tokgalna support absolutely not them and buy directly from the Oculus Rift shop instead. My tip is still going on HTC Vive. VR should be experienced in a room and there's the HTC Vive least a generation before the Oculus Rift.
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