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Product information

USB, Network(RJ45), Wireless network, NFC
Colour printer
Printer type
Laser Printer
Automatic duplex
Document sizes supported
A4, A5, A6, Photo (10x15)


Colour printer
Max print speed (draft, colour)
27 pages/min
Max print speed (normal, colour)
27 pages/min
Maximum print resolution (colour)
Number of colours
4 colours
Separate cartridges/cartridges (toner)
Document sizes supported
A4, A5, A6, Photo (10x15)
Max print speed (draft, b/w)
27 pages/min
Max print speed (normal, b/w)
27 pages/min
Maximum printing resolution (b/w)
600x600 dpi
Number of paper trays
Paper output capacity
150 sheets
Paper storage (capacity)
300 sheets
Paper storage (max capacity)
850 sheets
Printer type
Laser Printer
Capacity of supplied drum
Laser printer technology
Toner (b/w) included
Capacity of supplied toner (b/w)
Toner (colour) included
Capacity of supplied toner (colour)


USB, Network(RJ45), Wireless network, NFC

Image properties

Type of display


Dimensions (WxHxD)
472 mm
400 mm
416 mm
23.2 kg


Maximum copying speed
27 pages/min
Maximum resolution (copier)
Document feeder
50 pages
Double document auto-feeder
Fax function
Document memory
400 sheets
Fax modem
Modem speed
Maximum print speed (fax)
Maximum scanning speed (fax)
Number memory
119 pc
Phone features
Colour depth (scanner)
30 bits
E-mail scanner
Maximum scanning size
Maximum scanning speed
Optical resolution (scanner)
1200x1200 dpi
Scan to folder
Supports duplex
Automatic duplex
Max print speed (b/w)
28 pages/min
Writes to CD / DVD


Communication protocol
AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, PCL 5c, PCL 6, PostScript


DLNA certified


Built-in hard drive
Memory card reader

Audio features

Noise level
32 - 49 dB




Memory capacity (included)
512 MB
Memory capacity (maximum)
512 MB


Processor speed
1200 MHz

Power supply

Operational Power Consumption (min-max)
18.6 - 570 W
Power consumption (standby)
2.6 W



2.9 of 5 stars

Based on 4 reviews

Not great. Spent more time talking to HP support than is reasonable for a product in this price bracket. Warranty period was supposed to be three years on-site. For some reason it was registered already, back in July last year, and the warranty expired in October. Took a week to sort that out. I think this is actually a refurbished model that was returned, being sold as new - either that or someone has been gaming HP warranties, or alternatively, HP are trying to screw people out of warranties. I don't care which is true, but none of these things should be happening. Scan quality is average. Tendency to miss out the edges of the scanner glass, which isn't acceptable at all. Printing is fast enough, but quality is average. Distinct banding on the colour prints. Which brings me to the main problem... Obviously a lot of work has gone into this printer's additional functions, so printing from Google Drive, by emailing to an address, scanning to Google Drive, etc. The only problem is that half the time the Google Drive options don't work. I don't think I've successfully scanned to Drive, although I have printed. But most importantly, when using the convenience features of emailing to cloud or printing from Google Drive, you can't set the colour output. That means that although when you're sitting at your PC and printing from Windows you can default to mono, when you print from any other source there's no option on the printer to stop it printing out in colour. The only time it stops printing out in colour is when the toner is below a preset level. You can't set this level - all you can do is set it so that it gives you a warning at a custom level. But that doesn't stop it printing in colour. It just warns you that your toner is low. So if you only have (I think) 7% colour toner left, you can print by default in mono. But when you run out of colour toner - because you bought a colour printer and you want to print in colour sometimes - you're going to need to replace the colour toner before you can print at all. And then you have to print in colour by default again for 93% of the toner life. Colour toner is about NZ$400. No drum to buy - which is great, but which makes individual changes more expensive. But printing colour will run you about 18c a page; printing black and white 3c a page. HP just crippled the functionality. TCO is way too high because of this. Convenience of cloud printing isn't convenient when your prints are 18c a page. Makes the printer basically half functional - you either have a ridiculously high TCO, or you have to run to an actual PC to print stuff out. This printer isn't worth it. Probably a black and white HP MFC (because the colour ones appear to be crippled in the same way), or bite the bullet and accept having to buy $200 drums every 5 or 6 toners. But not any model from this range.
Are you still around and believe that HP stands for quality? Forget it! I had done quite a lot of product research before I bought this for about 4500kr, because I did not want to have problems. I found nothing negative about this online, but it was well because it is a new product. The first printer I got had a vertical waviness in the colors black and magenta. The Swedish Internet store I bought the printer had no idea why, so they classified it as DOA and asked me to return the printer. 28kg heavy, so it was just to drive to the business center of the town and submit it. Then there was the printer of course restad, so I had to wait 3 weeks for a new printer, which had exactly the same error as the first. Waves of more than 3cm intervals across the page, so that the text was italicized. Called HP now who thought it was jäääättekonstigt first, but after a long conversation, they came anyway that it could be the cartridges. Apparently, a large batch of cartridges in the summer has been bad. Well, I'd get two cartridges sent to me in an instant. It took another three weeks ... Now, when I finally changed the cartridges that make printing fine, but now I saw next error. The scanner scans the sheet feeder wrong! Now you might think that I let it pull the paper diagonally, but no, not! If you are super fussy and keeps the paper and see that it entered exactly right in the drawer, so will the scanned or copied image is still skewed, several millimeters along the long side. If the sensor is mounted correctly or something ?? It gets to call HP again tomorrow. I am extremely disappointed and regret my purchase 100%. You are warned!
Paid 3800 SEK. Fast printouts. Automatic document feeder that can scan, copy, print (on both sides). Scanning with a pass to scan the front and back. Many configuration options blah firewall. I'm happy with it. Had previously a Samsung but it sounds more and more slowly and are not as much features as this. Does not take much space. BUY BUY