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Product information

509 g
Screen size
10.1 inches
Screen resolution (HxV)
1920x1200 pixels
Operating system (latest version)
Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)
Internal storage space (size)
16 GB
4G (LTE)


Data connector
Type of USB connector
USB (total)
1 pc
USB 2.0
1 pc
USB 3.0/3.1 (Gen 1)
0 pc
USB 3.1 (Gen 2)
0 pc
Headphone output
Microphone input
Other connectors

Image properties

Aspect ratio
Display technology
Panel type
Pixel density
224 PPI
Screen resolution (HxV)
1920x1200 pixels
Screen size
10.1 inches
Simultaneous touch points
3+ Multi-touch
Type of touch technology


Black, Blue, White


Dimensions (WxHxD)
8.9 mm
171 mm
247 mm
509 g


Built-in wireless charging
Water resistant


Built-in camera
Front camera
Effective pixels front camera
5 megapixels
Camera features
Autofocus, Integrated geotagging
Effective pixels
8 megapixels
Maximum resolution (still)
3264x2448 pixels
Number of cameras
2 pc
Video recording
Max frame rate (highest resolution)
30 fps
Maximum resolution (video)
1920x1080 (HD 1080) pixels


2G (GSM)
4G (LTE)
Bluetooth codec
Bluetooth profile
Bluetooth version
Built-in navigation system
Wireless network (Wi-Fi)
Wireless networking standard
802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n


Streaming standards


Internal storage space (size)
16 GB
Internal storage space (type)
Flash memory/SSD
Memory card reader
Compatible memory cards
microSD, microSDHC, microSDXC
Maximum memory card size
Memory card included

Audio features

Built-in speakers
2-channel (Stereo)


RAM size
2048 MB
Type of memory


32/64-bit OS
Operating system (latest version)
Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)


Graphics processor (GPU)
Graphics processor type
ARM Mali-T760
Processor core type
Quad Core
Processor speed
1.7 GHz
SoC/CPU (System on Chip)
MediaTek MT8165

Power supply

Battery capacity
7000 mAh
Battery life (running)
10 h
Battery type


Release year



3.5 of 5 stars

Based on 37 reviews

Very flat for money does everything 60fps Full HD, dual band wifi etc. Neg no indication of how much battery you have left, plus can not kill apps at once, but one by one. There huh everything.
I bought this plate screen sake, and that's really the only thing that is good on it. The drags and always hangs periodically. Bluetooth works sporadically and takes forever to connect, it connects furthermore not play automatically but must be done manually every time. WiFi takes forever to connect, expect to wait up to a minute to find the network. The speakers are very bad, it is heard hardly anything from them, in addition, they directed backwards, as they are supposed to be told as little as possible and disrupt their environment as much as possible. And so on, I would have bought a more expensive flat if I had known this.
Affordable! Better than the Galaxy Tab 4 for less money! However, cuts Bluetooth connectivity little when listening to music or watch movies, can be something with my copy that causes trouble. I use it to surf and Youtube and the like and this works perfectly, the way it is for games, I can not answer because I do not play on it. My guess is the fastest and more plates if you plan to play more demanding games. Edit: First Single copy I had stopped vibration function completely, after having restored the plate and restart it a couple of times there was a complaint, got a new one directly in the shop of PC World, and after that no problems in addition to Bluetooth connectivity that hacks into every now and then. For price unmatched performance for a 10 '... plate Update again. Bluetooth connection was unstable at the beginning and it cut occasionally, periodically, this problem is fixed with an update and now works perfectly. Another update, it will go towards a year now since I bought this flat, this summer, I've had it for a year and it still works fine and no new problems. The thing that bothered me was pretty much right at the beginning that the Bluetooth connection was unstable and the lagged / chopped with about 5 minutes apart all the time, tested and connect to multiple devices and the same everywhere, but it got better after an update came relatively quickly after I bought it, and after that there have been no problems at all. Battery life, I feel that good and it is much faster to load up again compared with the Samsung Tab 4 which took ages on how to upload again. If discharged in the morning, you had to expect to wait until the night before it was full again. This also takes some time to load, but not near as long as it took to load. Samsung Tab 4 other hand had better battery life, but it was sick unnerving that it was useless for a whole day once it was over and they wanted to charge it completely full again. In addition, the heavier and less response to touchscreen when writing such. No vibration and less cameras ... "You get what you pay for", it is said, but in fact it is often also the case that you pay for a brand and have poorer performance than what you get if you buy a lesser known brand in exactly the same price range. It need not always be so that you get the best in its price range for buying a particular brand. In this case, it was in my way around. A minus I can be mentioned offhand that sound right out of the plate is not a big shot, it is low volume and allows no further, but I will always switch up to a JBL Go! or a pair of headphones anyway so it does not matter to me, sound is usually never anything on directly from the phone or flat ... Kudos to the 'Last Ninja' for the tip about the closing of the AAL, the response on the screen was really much better of this, any delay or lag when swipar and scrolls disappeared! Thoroughly recommended! Still very happy. :) Increases to 9/10 stars. Excellent price> performance ratio! This is still by far the most affordable, for 1299 bucks come to my knowledge no other plate in the vicinity of this performance-wise. Edit: Another detail I can add to the minus side is that the plate is pretty tough when you start it up from the off position and after you made an update is even more; read: very tenacious, after each update I've done and after you see the green Android robot and the unit is upgraded so the screen goes completely black for about 10 minutes and they believe the device hung. It has not, it is only so in approximately 10-15 minutes before the jump start, even a familiar thought his plate hung so I do not think this applies only my copy. Now it is not so often to update so it does not bother me significantly, but mention this anyway.
(NOTE: IMPORTANT INFORMATION for a speed problem further down, and how to solve it!) Super strong tablet for its price, and I say this in March 2017. Lenovo Tab 2 A10-70's characteristics reminiscent of what you did in the "Galaxy S4" with its Full HD screen (fixed IPS instead of AMOLED) and 2GB of RAM, and a circuit systems (Media Library MT8165) that is about as strong as Galaxy S4'ns Snapdragon 600th It gives today a really good experience! The speaker, however, is in my opinion a bit JANGLING, and I do not agree that it is super in some way. An iPad has much better sound in my opinion. A performance problem exists, however, with this tablet, and it has become a bit ramaskeri on some forums about this ... But it can be solved. When running Android 5 on this plate becomes the screen and browser, menu, home screen, some videos, etc. lethargic. The screen does not update quickly enough so the picture is jerky. Web sites behave "sluggish" in the browser, and the plate feels that it is excessively stretched among others ... Also so sucked the battery a little faster than it should. To solve this you have to turn the garbage function AAL. A function that affects the brightness, but that does not do any good, but it only eats system resources. The setting can be found not in the usual menus, but you have to go into Contacts / Contacts, and enter a code in the search field: * # * # 3646633 # * # *. After you close the AAL in the "engineering mode" must reboot the plate. Google on: Table 2 MediaTek aal Or check the youtube video: "MediaTek's AAL ice bath, disable it" (for more information) Once this is done then the plate much faster again, and the screen is floating on much softer, and it should. The problem was not as big as the plate had 4 Android, but Android 5 have to do this for everything to be fine. This is the main change I made on this tablet. Thanks to that the problem can be solved, I give this version of the Lenovo Tab 2 a good score, and I am completely satisfied with the speed and specifications. UPDATE 2017-03-19: You can get the speaker sound better with the built-in DOLBY program. My preference was to set "Custom 1" at the maximum bass and minimal treble and midrange (I pulled them up 5 left EQ columns to the top, while all the columns to the right of it, I drove down to the bottom, and activated volume leveler). The volume was lower with these settings, but much more pleasant, and it hisses much smaller ears anyway, so it was a sacrifice which in my opinion was worth making. So, with the adjustments made so come my Lenovo Tab 2 IAF little closer to my Ipad in speaker quality,
Update: When I followed Load Ninjas tips below and closed the AAL everything works much better. Including touch response. Raised the rating one notch. Really affordable flat. Stunning screen, good performance (playing no advanced games) and decent battery life. But it has a major flaw. Touch screen is strangely sluggish. When I type fast on the keyboard letters and dropped in the game you have to press "slow" times for it to work. After a few weeks of use, I have got used to, but in the beginning I was close to return it. I have two plates purchased 6 months apart, so I do not think there is a manufacturing defect. But if I adapted myself to the touch so I am on the whole very pleased with this
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