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    Much better sound than the previous high all clean my, like volume control wheel. Are better products, but a solid choice for this award. Recommended!
    Got hold of those for 1690 a year ago on a campaign of Electro World. At that price, they are amazing! Very good sound and smooth volume control with mute function.
    Really good computer speakers. Good sound without any troublesome subwoofer. Think, however, that the price is slightly high for the product which pulls down the grade.
    What a surprise! Had a couple audioengine 5 but thought they were a bit too big. Since I already owned a pair of Bose headphones that I'm very happy with so I thought that I invest in a pair of bose speakers too. Did not expect much because of the size and because they were a substitute to my audioengine. But talk about surprise when I opened them for the first time. Do not understand how Bose succeed. Although they are more than twice as small as sounds, they still at least as good audioengine, if not better. Really lovely sound quality. Also, they are really nice next to the iMac. I think in all seriousness it does not get much better when it comes to computer speakers. Thoroughly recommended. Are you looking for stylish speaker that does not take up much space but sounds amazing so is it a must. Worth every penny. Volume-pod is additionally really smooth, something I was missing on the audio engine. BUY!