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Product Lowest price User rating Rank Area of use Type of instruments
Datacolor Spyder 5 Pro€169.99 37/101 LCD/TFTColorimeter 
X-Rite i1Display Pro€239.99 27/102 LCD/TFT, Plasma, CRT, +1Colorimeter72
X-Rite ColorMunki Smile€100.17 3 3 LCD/TFT 
X-Rite ColorMunki Photo€455.16 2 4 LCD/TFT, Plasma, +3Spectrocolorimeter84
Datacolor Spyder 5 Express€129.99 3 5 LCD/TFTColorimeter 
HP DreamColor Calibration Solution€220.29    6 LCD/TFT 
X-Rite ColorMunki Display€171.59  28/109 LCD/TFT, CRT, ProjectorColorimeter1
Datacolor Spyder 5 Elite€279.99  1 10 LCD/TFT, CRT, ProjectorColorimeter 
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