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The market for portable game consoles is dominated by Nintendo's DS-models and to a certain extent Sony PSP, Playstation Portable. Sega and Dingoo are other common brands. Looking for games for consoles? Find them here. Compare prices from 7 shops in this category.
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Product Lowest price User rating Rank 3D support Wireless network (Wi-Fi) Bluetooth
Nintendo 3DS XL* €174.99 18/101 Yes Yes No87
Nintendo New 3DS XL* €214.99 59/102 Yes Yes No83
Nintendo 2DS€70.00   8/103 No Yes No74
Sony PlayStation Vita Slim€125.00    4 No Yes Yes84
Sony PlayStation Vita€125.00   9/105 No Yes Yes824
Nintendo 2DS (incl. New Super Mario Bros. 2)€99.99 3 6 No Yes No 
Nintendo 2DS (incl. Pokémon Sun)€129.99 1 7 No Yes No 
Nintendo DS Lite€30.00   9/108 No Yes No945
Nintendo New 3DS€145.00   7/109 Yes Yes No72
Nintendo 3DS€75.00   9/1010 Yes Yes No824
Nintendo 2DS (incl. Mario Kart 7)€99.99 5 11 No Yes No 
Nintendo New 3DS XL (incl. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask) - Limited Ed.€220.00    12 Yes Yes No 
Nintendo 3DS (incl. Super Mario 3D Land)€110.00    13 Yes Yes No 
Nintendo New 3DS XL - Hyrule Limited Edition€200.00   7/1014 Yes Yes No 
Nintendo 3DS XL (incl. Pokémon XY) - Limited Edition€170.00    15 Yes Yes No 
Nintendo 2DS (incl. Tomodachi Life)€94.99 3 16 No Yes No 
Nintendo DSi€40.00   7/1017 No Yes No829
Nintendo New 3DS (incl. New Style Boutique 2 & Coverplate)€187.99 1 18 Yes Yes 
AtGames Arcade Gamer Portable€39.99 1 19 No 
Nintendo 3DS XL (incl. Super Smash Bros.) - Limited Edition€155.00    20 Yes Yes No 
Nintendo 3DS (incl. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time) - 25th Anniversary Ed.€130.00   8/1021 Yes Yes No 
Sony PlayStation Vita 3G€120.00   9/1022 No Yes Yes83
Sony PSP€50.00   9/1023 No Yes No953
Retro-Bit RDP Portable Handheld Console - Core Edition€117.71  1 26 No 
Nintendo DSi XL€55.00   8/1027 No Yes No823
Nintendo 2DS (incl. Yo-Kai Watch)€128.13 1 28 No Yes No 
Sony PSP Street€65.00   7/1029 No No No 
Sony PSP 3000€60.00   8/1030 No Yes No816
Sony PSP Slim & Lite€65.00   9/1031 No Yes No918
Sony PSP Go€50.00   6/1032 No Yes Yes715
Sony PSP 3000 (incl. Up)€65.00    33 No 
Nintendo New 3DS (incl. Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer) - Special Ed.€229.99 1 34 Yes Yes 
Nintendo DS€30.00   9/1035 No Yes No835
Nintendo New 3DS - Ambassador Edition€220.00    36 Yes 
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