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    A sisådärstativ which is okay if you are only looking for a possibility to eg take longer exposures. A tripod is then of course better than no tripod. But the stand is not suitable if you want to do to "exposure blending" or "HDR" as fast mount and head simply can not keep that kind of quality, so you will always have some difference between the picture 1, 2, 3 and so on.
    Very affordable (SEK 250), stable and no problems with getting the camera horizontally or vertically.
    The stability of the body is good considering the price, but unfortunately destroyed usefulness almost entirely by tilt function on the head. On my copy, you can not turn that down to quite a horizontal position, but the camera is tilted at least a few degrees to the left. Tilt plate is also far too flexibiel because its plastiga construction, and are unable to keep an SLR still when the shutter opens. Recommendable unfortunately not at all, unless you want to make permanent engagement on the head to "fix" the tilt function.
    Ordered this stand from Amazon in england for under $ 200, and after a few days came the delivery to the door. (Free shipping for minimum £ 25) Have a little compared with Velbons stand for between about 600 - 1100 SEK, and can only say that I noticed is different is that Hama Star 63 has a carrying handle for the crank, a hook in the center (to stabilize the tripod), and that I thought that this seemed more stable. Star 63 has also a relatively low weight against the other, as were some pound heavier. And even if compared to eg Manfrotto and Giotto tripod for 3000 - 4000 SEK, so do not win these on all counts, even if they have better heads and that gains some weight due hektos carbon fiber. The only thing I can say is negative, is that the camera is not completely horizontal, which got better when I cut away a plastic fit on the mounting plate, so it goes down all the way, and that the rack teeth do not have the highest processing, which does not seem to do anything for the function. Have also made some additional changes, such as cutting out stoppiggen on the crank so that the camera does not in danger of sinking if not locked rack. And so I lubed up the stand with PTFE spray, so that it works smoothly (dry spray on the rack and wet spray on the head). Lets just say that this is a great stand, and you have to give many times more to get something similar!
    Simply amazing what a nice tripod for these pengar.Köpt on outlet24.Säger just BUY.
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