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    I thought this lens would be ok, but it was actually better than I expected. The zoom range is very useful, indeed, the entire lens is very round. Was especially surprised at how nice close-up shots you can take on ex wise flowers and insects and get a really blurrig background, I had not at all expected. Before I bought the camera with the kit lens so I had a small list of other lenses you have to buy, but after using this for a while so it feels anyway as no panic anymore.
    Given the price it full marks, good image quality, quiet / fast internal autofocus and decent range. Sure, it's a little distortion but it fixes one crappy light in Lightroom. I did a crappy lens because it was a cheap kitlens but I been very pleasantly surprised. This can make do with the way in the beginning, and will probably stay in the bag for quite a while. Probably among the best you can get per dollar. Highly recommended!
    A really good kit lens disregarding strong distortion at 18mm Aperture man down to 5.6 between 18-50 and 8 up to 105 to get sharp great pictures. However, that is no fun bright lens ...
    Good for beginners and for those who want to learn a little, but it's probably not something you want to hang on the Christmas tree. It is anyway good that it is the right cheap!
    Ok lens for beginners, or you can of course use it in situations drunk :)
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