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    Have owned this lens for 1.5 years now and I intend to tell a little about my experiences of this. Short summed it an affordable lens with relatively good optical properties that make it possible to take wide-angle images of landscapes and interiors, etc. Build quality: Despite all plastic, it feels well put together and has good sense of buttons and knobs. The plastic, the weight is very low. It is positive. Optical quality: The sharpness is good in the image center and the right edges. Color Shifts (CA) occurs in high-contrast scenes, especially at the edges, but it is not so much to bother me about it, and most of it is easy to remove afterwards in Lightroom. In the beginning I was very disappointed in the pictures I got from the lens. They were very blurred at the edges, and even blurred in the middle of many images. After a while I discovered that my camera (EOS 550D) is not focused properly with this lens when using fasfokus, ie through the viewfinder. With kontrastavkännade focus in Live View puts the focus much better and also get acceptably sharp edges! As a workaround I now use Live View to focus on a point in the horizon, or as far away as possible, and keeps the focus setting, switch to manual focus. Since I compose images through the viewfinder to take my photos. Lens Features: This lens performs poorly. Pictures backlit and especially when a strong light source in the picture, like the sun or the moon, giving almost guaranteed reflexes (flares in English). Ugly "comets" in green is not uncommon in such images. (I've ordered a lens hood that may help a little. I'll update my review in this case). Image stabilization: Works great and is worth gold in low light including Other: The lens has STM-focus engine that is completely silent and quick to focus. The manual focus is also done through the engine, and therefore there is no distance scale to go after. This makes it difficult to set the focus at night photo of the night sky and similar dark situations. 10mm is very wide, you get with a lot and perspectives are distorted so that things far away will be small, and things close up looks great out. There is a bit of a challenge to shoot landscapes, but it's fun when it succeeds! Interior images are easier to achieve, and often very good!
    Affordable, bright and fun lenses!
    Love at first photo! Lovely angle zoom lens that performs very well, especially considering the price. Was a bit worried that the focus would feel slow with STM-engine compared to the USM version but find it not as a problem at all.
    Bought it as a supplement to a 18-135. Think it will be a good fit for indoor and night photography now and then landscape photo. Plus it had 67mm filter thread so that you can use everything you have already gained.
    One of the most affordable lenses. IS is a big bonus when you can shoot with a slow shutter speed and low ISO in poor light. It is plasticky and cheap but performs very well!
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