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    Sensor resolution (Effective number of p
    24.3 megapixels
    Compatible lenses
    Nikon FX, Nikon DX
    Video recording
    Optical, LCD screen (LiveView)
    Image sensor format
    Full format (35 mm)
    Type of camera
    Digital SLR


    Anti-dust system
    Image stabiliser
    Lens based only
    Magnification (Crop factor)
    1 x
    Type of camera
    Digital SLR


    USB version

    Auto focus

    AF assist (auto-focus assist light)
    Contrast autofocus
    Number of AF points (contrast)
    51 pc
    Phase detection autofocus
    AF support
    Yes - with all AF lenses
    Max number of AF points (incl. assistant
    51 pc

    Image properties

    AEB/HDR support
    Built-in HDR function
    Exposure bracketing
    0.3 - 2.0 ±EV
    Number of exposures
    2 - 7 images
    Continuous shooting
    Frames (JPEG)
    57 images
    Number (RAW, max speed)
    16 images
    Speed (JPEG)
    6.5 frames/s
    Speed (RAW)
    6.5 frames/s
    File format (Still)
    Image sensor format
    Full format (35 mm)
    ISO sensitivity (basic ISO)
    100 - 12800 ISO
    Manual settings (aperture/shutter)
    Maximum resolution (stills)
    6016x4016 pixels
    Sensor format
    35.9 x 24 mm
    Sensor resolution (Effective number of p
    24.3 megapixels
    Sensor type
    Shutter speed
    30 - 1/4000 s
    Video recording
    Autofocus in recording mode
    Yes - Contrast-AF
    Max resolution (video)
    1920x1080p pixels
    Max frame rate (highest resolution)
    60 fps
    Max frame rate (regardless of res.)
    60 fps
    Max resolution (highest frame rate)
    1920x1080p pixels
    Video file formats
    AVC/H.264 .mp4
    With audio
    Yes - via the built-in and external mic


    External flash connection
    Hot shoe
    Built-in and external
    Flash metering system
    X-sync speed
    1/200 s


    Available colours


    Dimensions (WxHxD)
    78 mm
    113 mm
    141 mm
    750 g

    Display & Viewfinder

    Articulated screen
    Screen resolution
    1229000 pixels
    Screen size
    3.2 inches
    Separate info display
    Viewfinder coverage
    100 %
    Viewfinder magnification
    0.7 x
    Optical, LCD screen (LiveView)


    Weather proof (moisture/dust)


    Wireless network (Wi-Fi)


    Compatible lenses
    Nikon FX, Nikon DX
    Lens included


    Compatible memory cards
    Secure Digital, Secure Digital HC, Secure Digital XC
    Storage features
    Dual memory card slots


    Body material

    Power supply

    Battery capacity (CIPA)
    1230 images
    Battery type


    Release year



    4.5 of 5 stars

    Based on 5 reviews

    What a nice camera this is. Surprising that more a question. It should be very popular. Pictures are fantastic. It is a delight every time you fill the images on your computer and go through them. It is so crazy good image quality. It's really me as a photographer is the limit and not the camera. The same applies to the quality of the videos. It gets really inspired to film more and cut something together. Colors, contrast, shield, depth, dynamics, etc. It just so damn good, whether it is pictures or video. Autofocus is fast and accurate. High ISO is also really good. Should you have something negative to say about it as well is part of the autofocus in Live View only is good but not perfect. The camera is comfortable to hold and easy to handle. Buttons and controls feel solid and sits well. The small screen at the top is, naturally lit and it's going to be evenly lit or lit power button and it is done with a trydligt and nice click. The screen is smaller than the example D300, which I first saw as negative, but then I realized that the information is moved to the big screen back and is so much better. Additionally, the same information even in the viewfinder. In the viewfinder, the information is usually clearer than before. Clearly the right choice by Nikon. The house is a mix of magnesium and composite vildet makes it solid and durable. Composite to enable WiFi but probably also to keep the weight down. . House and keys are obviously weather-sealed. The big screen (or whether to call it the rear) can be angled up or down. Very nice! The camera is crazy good, you can afford to buy one, you should not hesitate. It's just soooo wonderful. You become a better photographer with that buddy and your photo will boost interest! You will want to shoot more when you see how good the results are.
    Superfine camera. Was into buying this as the first full-frame camera but could not afford at the time and bought instead D610. But this has now been almost a year and can not be more than super happy. Really fast and you feel the quality of the product. Certainly not regret that I bought the D750. In addition, the grip perfectly. Despite the weight of 840g with battery, so it feels natural to hold this camera.
    For the photographer is basically everything D810 is minus 12 megapixels and some less critical pro features (eg D750 is limited to 1 / 4000s shutter speed and lack 14bit uncompressed RAW). For most needed them not. Far more relevant is that the D750 is significantly smaller and lighter camera, without for that matter compromise too much with the build quality. Now that I had time to take the camera for a while, I realize truly value out of a neater house on the move, considering the lenses so it is enough in the bag. The shutter sounds less at 810 and to silent sounds not at all. D750n compared to more fuss but I can live with. I have had time to use the camera both at home and on two trips and I think that it works wonderfully. There is never any delays, it is always ready and always respond immediately to my commands. The menus are user-friendly and Nikon Vana from before where it's no problem to adjust the camera exactly as I want it to function keys etc. I basically need never take your eye from the viewfinder, all settings I need is just a thumb / index finger movement away. Compared to my previous D5100 are lifting huge. It really is a completely different camera. I can do everything so much easier and so much faster. The viewfinder is large, clear and focused system is of a different world. If you miss the focus is most likely a handling error, I have found that keeping up with all but the fastest / most complicated trackings. And the picture quality is great. Full frame is absolutely wonderful. Impressive dynamic range, you can pull up the shadows without substantial noise (assuming of course that you plates RAW) as the exposure is rarely a problem. With D5100an I never wanted to go over ISO 1600, which saw the hopeless out. Here I can go up to 4000 without problems, often even higher! With the right hands behind the wheel keeps pictures pro class, like me from a simpler APS-C, you will be amazed at what pictures you take with the camera. You can also get very nice video in 1080 / 60p, however, no personally I concern myself much about, but only tested on a few occasions. Finally, I appreciate features such as tilting the screen (do not have to shit down pants legs!) And wifi, which enables connection to a mobile phone, for example, direct transfer and remote firing with live feeds. Practically! My personal complaint is that the tilting screen feels a bit fragile D500ans device feels more solid. The buttons could also have had better sense, even here, D500 and 810 clearly better (more comfortable "click"). And the focus, cruel as it is through the viewfinder, is pretty tough and unreliable in the live-view. I would not recommend the camera to video geeks, for this reason, if you are not satisfied with the manual focus. The small focus-joystick as the D500 and the new Canon 5DMKIV have had not been wrong. But, but, now I have finished whining! My conclusion: D810 if you are looking for optimal detail resolution for studio use, accurate image editing and cropfrihet. D500 if you're shooting sports / action and birds. D750 if you want to take the step to full size and professional quality without adding too much money, and still have a camera that is (relatively) compact and practical. Can heartily recommend!
    Nikon D750 It's my first Nikon full-format camera. I own since before both the Canon and Sony cameras. The Nikon D750 has a newly developed 24.3-megapixel FX 36x24 processor formats, the maximum sensitivity of ISO 12,800 (expandable to 51200) and supports 1080 video at 50 and 60 b / ps. Continuous shooting at 6.5 b / ps, maximum shutter speed 1/4000 and viewfinder magnification of 100% coverage. Camera body is robust, dust and moisture seal to the same degree as Nikon D810. Inside there are dual SD memory card slots, a new 51-point AF system ... (You can read more on the Nikon website for other connections and technical features of the Nikon full-format cameras.) D750 metering and AF technology really came into its use, when I tested the camera with my lens. I own 2 Nikon zoom lens and 1 Sigma fixed optics. Since I live in a big city, but not far to the countryside, then I have good opportunities to test everything. First came to use the Nikon 16-35 / f4 zoom lens and the Sigma 50 / f 1.4 HSM. For portraits but also landscapes I use Nikon zoom lens 70-200 / f 2.8. All three of these lenses are among the best lens and I use them with adapter, even to my Sony A7 camera. I used the ISO sensitivity from ISO 100 on the day and up to 6400 ISO at night, with various aperture and shutter speed. D750 has done a fantastic job, has kept all subjects in focus and exposed all the images perfectly, even in the evening and at night. AF and metering systems did this great job! The Nikon D750 is very camera for SEK 19 000. Excellent build quality, AF and general handling of the camera feel comfortable and secure. D750 includes a number of useful technology features of the Nikon D810. It is a camera that feels good in the hand / hands, inspire me to photograph and provides very good image quality in various lighting conditions. I like AF system, even the folding screen is perfect for composing at high or low angles and filming in HD quality. It is a powerful and versatile camera that is arguably more compelling than the D810 for about two thirds of the price, and now it's my favorite, in the current DSLR camera lineup. + High image quality across a wide ISO range from FX. + Very good build quality and ergonomics. + Fast 51-point AF working in very low light (-3EV). + 6.5bps continuous shooting + Vertical point 3.2 "screen. + Built-in WiFi with smartphone remote control. + Film 1080 60p -Basic Wifi facilities and networking open standard. -Quiet Options are not so quiet. -Fokusering LiveView slower -It Is not possible to increase the speed of the DX mode. -Max 1/4000 shutter speed and flash synchronization at 1/200. I think that Nikon has succeeded very well with the D750. The camera feels modern and they have bet on the right features, improved image quality, faster and more accurate AF, shelter, built in Wifi and folding screen. In other words, a fantastic and affordable full-frame camera. I give full marks in the ratings for the Nikon D750, where picture quality, technical properties and the price of course is crucial. Recommended!
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