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    Wonderful curling iron! I have tried many and have not really strength or discipline to get to it nicely with regular models. I have both thick and a lot of hair, so with a regular curling iron is not really good and it will not last long. With this, I can with the help of a little hårsspray have nice curls anyway 2-3 days. The curls hold, it becomes still and the same everywhere. But above all, it does most of the work yourself as it soaks into the hair. The only thing you need to do is brush, take a piece of hair and hold the curling iron. It had been 10/10 if it had been a little easier to understand how to keep it when switching hands. It's often a bit confusing. After all I rekommenderarerar the highly to anyone who wants a curling iron, and wanting to spend a minimal amount of time and energy for a great result.
    The appliance makes it magically easy to fix curls nicely! ... And it is extremely fast! I was hesitant to buy first due the high price but in hindsight I can say that it is worth every penny!