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Product information

1920x1080 (Full HD)
Screen size
55 inches
Type of digital tuner
Display technology


TV tuner, digital
Support for CI/CA module
Type of digital tuner


Analogue 3.5mm input (Aux)
1 pc
Analogue RCA stereo input
Component input (YPbPr/YCbCr)
1 pc
Composite input
1 pc
Digital optical output
HDMI version
Number of HDMI inputs
3 pc
Headphone output
Other connectors
USB (total)
3 pc
USB 2.0
3 pc
USB 3.0/3.1 (Gen 1)
0 pc
USB recording feature
VGA in

Image properties

1920x1080 (Full HD)
Aspect ratio
300 cd/m²
Display technology
Image frequency
Motion enhancement (Frequency/Index)
Refresh rate
120 Hz
Screen size
55 inches
Screen size (cm)
139 cm
Video formats supported
480p, 576p, 720p, 1080p (Full HD), 1080i, 480i, 576i, 2160p (4K Ultra HD)


Audio format
DTS 5.1, Dolby Digital Plus
Supported audio files
MP3, WMA, OGG Vorbis, WAV (PCM), AAC
Supported image files
Supported video files
MPEG1, MPEG4, WMV, 3GP/3GPP, WMV9 HD (VC-1), AVI, Matroska (MKV), MOV, TS, DivX HD, HEVC/H.265


Available colours
Black, White, Silver, Stainless steel
Panel design


Depth without stand
48.9 mm
Dimensions (WxHxD)
215 mm
760 mm
1225 mm
Height without stand
719 mm
Weight without stand
12.8 kg
15 kg


Picture-in-Picture (PiP), Bluetooth, Time-shift, Mobile app for controlling features, Support for HbbTV
Smart TV
Built-in internet services
Facebook, YouTube, Skype, Browser, Netflix, Viaplay, SF Anytime
Operating system


Ethernet connection
Wireless network (Wi-Fi)
Wireless networking standard (IEEE 802.1
802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n


3D support (3D-Ready)
Compatible glasses
Passive (polarized)
Glasses included
DLNA certified
Full HD (HD ready 1080p)
Ultra HD certified (UHD/4K)
Streaming standards
WiDi, Miracast
VESA mount
Type of VESA mount

Audio features

Built-in speakers
2-channel (Stereo)

Power supply

Annual energy consumption
161 kWh/year
Connecting 9V/12V/14V
Energy efficiency class
Operational Power Consumption (min-max)
110 W
Power consumption (standby)
0.3 W


Release year



4.3 of 5 stars

Based on 29 reviews

Edit: Input-law feels like it has been lower after a few firmware updates. Windows mouse drags less and think LG 55EG910V works perfectly ok to play with. (Reviewed with Blu-Ray source. Not hard compressed Netflix is ​​not appropriate to assess the picture quality. Crap in, crap out.) Switched to finish out my old plasma. Not found any LCD / LED up to standards as I hate uneven picture with color variations across the panel, clouding, bright spots, poor viewing angle, unnatural colors, and want to have good blacks no matter where I sit in front of the TV. Advantages - Picture! Absolutely wonderful. So sick even and well all over the screen. - The blackness! The picture changes with the black image do you really TV is off. No more blue / green / brundassig LCD / LED blacks in the corners or edges for me. OLED is the future. In the beginning it is difficult to get used to, it's such a big difference to the non-OLEDs. - Fantastic pressure in the colors yet more natural than LCD / LED that almost always make a mess skin tones. - The viewing angle. Perfect picture no matter where you sit. - Remote control is a combination of regular and remote gyro pekmöjlighet in air. It is very good with a handy scroll wheel and fine precision when hitting the menus. In addition, quick navigation to the sleep timer, which I appreciate as compared to such deplorable Philips. - WebOS 2 is really nice. Not tested the latest Samsung Tizen but like LG TV OS strong. Channel changes are quick and laggy interface is not as much as it disturbs. - Netflix and YouTube apps works great. Spotify is also available. - White back makes it more discreetly against a white wall when it bows out. Good thinking LG. Cons - Curved. LG did not release an affordable flat OLED instead of this is inconceivable. Curved interfere much less (type not at all) outside my sweet spot than I thought but it feels like an unnecessary thing only. And it looks a little funny when it hangs on the wall. But there is a slight advantage when sitting in front of the television. Do, however, a flat model would crush of sales. - Input-law. Not tried to play yet but even the TV in game mode so dragging the mouse pointer in Windows 60Hz little more than my old plasma (which had recognized the low input lag according to tests). Do not know if it will be marked in the games. In 24Hz dragging it properly but it did it in the plasma as well, and 24Hz I drive just for the film of course. Input-law is on 43.5ms and achieved by running the Game mode and change the HDMI input icon to "PC" as RTings - SVT Play is missing. Luckily I have both PC and Chromecast connected. - Lipsync from Netflix is ​​difficult to get to when the home theater is connected. Still have not found the perfect setting. - LG's motion handling and pans are not best in class. Do Text Panasonic and Samsung make this better. I run without LG TruMotion faked såpoperaeffekt if anyone was wondering. Uses only LG TruMotion cartoons. If you are running from the HTPC with AMD graphics will give AMD's standard pixel format "YCbCr 4: 4: 4" mighty blurry text, RGB colors bleed out around the letters. Either switch it to something different pixel formats and do not forget possibly adjust the "Picture / Picture Mode Settings / Picture Options / Black Level" on TV. Option 2 to "YCbCr 4: 4: 4" of 60Hz to look out ok, you can change the HDMI input to "PC" icon. Then there will be sharp again. Have discovered that this is also behaving strangely, depending on the frequency I use the computer. Different results of 24Hz, 50Hz or 60Hz. Fishy smell and little bug somewhere. Have wall mounted with my old wall bracket, an unnecessarily broad Multibrackets Universal Super Slim Large. Should work with the same root in the Small or Medium variant. Hålbredden on TV is 20cm on the upper holes. Summed up, I think there is no reason to buy LCD / LED in this price range or above. OLED is so sick much better in my eyes. Crazy happy!
Like sharply this video! Purchased today Elgiganten sale, so the price tag quite ok (but still twice as expensive as the Blackberry 6875, I gave it back because of clouding / bleeding). Positively: + WebOS 2 and Macic remote is a lovely combo. WebOS is fun animated and easy to navigate around with Macic remote that works like a regular PC mouse + Fantastically beautiful colors and pure black surfaces such as Netflix + Ok sounds to only have 2 small (front end) speaker, but certainly not to the TV with separate base + Has the necessary apps like Netflix, Viaplay, (but run iofs Apple TV anyway) + (Weak) curved design works well + Viewing angles, notice no difference wherever you sit against LED'en where it was clear Less good: - Handling of SD content, standard digital antenna (standard television), are like the little I checked. Saw the animated film The inside like the first movie - a real splash of color to the film and it was absolutely wonderful. May 9 to 10 because the management of the SD, which may be a setting question ... For me / us as most run streamed via Apple TV (2) this is a crazy good TV! Forward'll see if you can calibrate it even better, the settings are there anyway ... For those who are a little more technically minded about LED vs OLED this may be interesting to read a arickel on, search for "Comparison of LG OLED EG960V VS Samsung 55" JS9000 " Edit: After some six months of use. Still love the TV, however, would only interpose that it has blank screen. That is, you have a lot of reflections and sidljus directly on TV can be a bit annoying for those who are sensitive to such things.
Replaced my Samsung 67xx "led" TV for maybe a month ago, due to poor blacks, colors and clouding. Well, what can I say ... The decent difference! Black is black on this, the colors look more natural, and no clouding. However, marked by banding on a few occasions. Smart features and speakers use not I can not comment on it. That it is bent I did not notice, as long as I do not check the page ...
Supplement (31 / 07-2016): After getting her screen professionally calibrated so my impression is better now compared to previously. The gray scale is very nice and even without jumping gamma, while the color reproduction is very good. Shadows get better coverage and rendered less painful, although not without problems. An overall very nice picture, but OLED is still grappling with the very childhood diseases. The rating remains stable seventh. Original Review: After several years of waiting on an LCD screen, without the disadvantages of an LCD so it was time for a turning point. And LG shows that the potential is in OLED but is certainly not perfect in this model, although we see more of what we lacked before. Banding and vignetting in the shadows is oifrånkomligt on this model, it is something you simply have to be prepared. However, in this recording as some color shift is also located, and receive a full white test pattern (100IRE) over the entire image area appear to be a bit bumpy. On my copy is also problematic in yellow, which seems a bit odd when no other color components (either primary or secondary) demonstrates the same problem. Under normal circumstances proves seldom problems and LCDs with clouding is much more frustrating. Black is carbon black (0.0000cd / m 2) and unlike LG's plasmas there is absolutely no need to have a particularly high contrast or backlight when the panel in question are bright enough to give a good contrast impression in dark environments. While anti-reflective filter is very much more effective at this than their old plasmas. But how well it than fix perfect black'll fix it definitely is not perfect shadows. Gamma curve between 1-5IRE create some conflicts with other gray scale, for information is too often lost. Raising the brightness will the darkness be gråblaskig (plus constant banding) and instead of shadows, we get macro blocking. Lowering the gamma from 2.4 to 2.2 helps nor nothing, when the light intensity must be reduced further in order to get proper black level, and then we get the same problem in the shadows. In other words it has always butt the rear. However, there are, like all TV sets from LG, the opportunity to correct the entire gray scale of 20 steps which certainly can be helpful to rescue the missing details. Operating management is generally good, mainly on sources in 50b / s and 60b / s (although 24b / s shown without much difficulty). After correction of color management is also the color rendering a bit above average compared to other products in the same price range and gray scale has the potential to become very smooth and fine, apart from the poor coverage of the shadows. For games work the TV very well as long as the input is labeled as PC and ISF mode is used. I have played various shmups and demanding platform (such as Mega Man) by my XRGB-Mini and never noticed any latency. It does not surprise me that this year OLEDs are improved, but for the price of a paltry 13 000 SEK, you get yet a TV that is far better than the average price class. It's all about priorities, and if anything it's certainly nice to see something new than the same old LCD panels that companies give out each year. Expect not any picture nirvana, but at best a teaser on just that.
What picture! Since it has no backround lighting LCD / LED avoids the "gray filter" that allows colors to be watered out. This means that in addition to the superior black level so the colors will really arrive. Can not see NGN tint that is mentioned here and there so I must surely have been a good copy. Seeing that it is made in May 2016 if it helps someone. Will never buy anything other than the OLED forward. Took the decision to take this as the price is so low and I can wait 4k. Have driven SFV on PS4 and besides cruel colors, I feel no more lag than my last tv that had 30ms input lag. As said. Do you want a TV that gives you the best picture for the money, strike!
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