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Product information

    Wireless network (Wi-Fi)
    Battery operated
    Display, Supports NFC, Mobile app for controlling features, Built-in microphone, Power bank, Weather proof (moisture/dust)
    Docking Station for mobile/Tablet


    Analogue 3.5mm input (Aux)
    1 pc
    Other connectors
    Type of USB connector
    USB powered (only mha USB)
    USB version


    Supported audio files


    Available colours
    Black, Grey, Turquoise, Brown, Blue, Red, Green


    Dimensions (WxHxD)
    87 mm
    89 mm
    213 mm
    0.8 kg


    Display, Supports NFC, Mobile app for controlling features, Built-in microphone, Power bank, Weather proof (moisture/dust)
    Smart speaker (virtual assistant)


    Bluetooth codec
    Bluetooth profile
    Bluetooth version
    Wireless network (Wi-Fi)


    Docking Station for mobile/Tablet
    Radio receiver
    Streaming standards

    Audio features

    Capacity (max/total)
    20 W
    Frequency range
    65 - 20000 Hz

    Power supply

    Battery operated
    Battery life (running)
    20 h
    Battery type
    Electric (not USB)



    4.3 of 5 stars

    Based on 19 reviews

    Bought this while I was waiting to get my JBL Xtreme from service. And have now sold my Xtreme then I like my Charge 3 more. If you compare these two so let big brother not as good. However handle the party to deliver more bass than the charge 3, but the midrange is worse. So I think that Charge 3 is a more sounding small speaker. And I prefer quality over quantity. So if you want to have reached that allows much purchase xtreme want you to have reached more sonorous but not able to play as loudly or with the same pressures as the sales charge 3rd
    Would buy a bluetooth speakers to the girl that she could be when she showers. It was between 3 and Charge Sony SRS-XB3. Sony's sound more neutral, but at the same time tinny while Charge 3, more full-bodied, three-dimensional sound. Charge 3, however, very basboostat sound which some will appreciate while others hate it. But it was mostly what made me choose Charge 3rd The speaker is the most aimed to pop, rap, hip hop, dubstep, etc. Pop & dubstep and hip hop: Very good sound, sounds better than my headset sounds. Some certainly is a 1000SEK gaming headset, but it still says a lot to me. Rock: Perfectly acceptable. The sound is kind of like my headset to play it. Nothing to complain about, nothing sounds strange. Metal: Well the only thing I really have to whine about. Metal feels a bit wimpy, that there is something missing. The base Charge 3 boosts do not really fit into the metal without fit more dubstep and hip hop. Where my headset performs better. Podcasts: No more than you would expect. Everything sounds good and clear The range of the Bluetooth is incredible. It goes right now through two concrete walls 10 meters away from the phone. Never lose the connection with the cell phone, but I have a problem with your computer. There, drop it very often. Could be that your computer has an outdated bluetooth version but only 2 meters away you lose the connection times and jumping to the music. Battery life is fantastic. Bought it as said in the Christmas and played the part. Not three hours a day, but anyway 7 hours per week. Drive about 50% the sound of the speaker. I have so far topped the 1 time. The waterproofing is very good. It stands in the bathroom and having each time you shower. Not direct water but any moisture getting into it. Can not see a single injury or hear something wrong with it. Pairing is something that would be ascoolt testing, but because the price is so incredibly high, I will never try it
    It was a difficult choice between the JBL Extreme and Charge 3. Extreme has more bass, but it fell on size. For me, Charge 3 quite moderate in size and easy to pack when traveling away. + Sound. Very good sound from such a small device. + IP rating. Good to avoid having to bother splashing out of the pool in the summer. + Battery. If you use it as a kitchen radio with background music so it is enough that I load it 1 time / week. + Power Bank. Nice to be able to charge your phone. + Charger (USB adapter). The charger can handle regular European contact, but also the UK and the US. Great Deals. + Micro USB. + Ability to pair with another Charge3 or extreme. Two positions. Party mode plays all the higher and fuller sound. Other mode is stereo mode where you get the right and left speakers. Have only tested this in the store. + Range of Bluetooth. I can have the phone in the conservatory and the speaker at the neighbors 30m further away. + Volume control (at least iPhone). Just a volume control. Changing the volume on the speakers and you will see the change on your phone. One need not hold on and adjust both the phone and the speaker. -Stereoseparationen. Do you want to hear stereo effects as you get to put the speaker directly in front of the head. May be because the two elements are close together. I would have liked to have a protective case. Available to order at EBay. -The Price. Normal to 1790kr is the most expensive team. It has been sold a few times 1490kr which seems more reasonable. I brought my Charge 3 and compared with the buddy Bose SoundLink III. We both thought that the sound from Bose was better, but it was only when it was standing against a wall (slave base pointing backwards) and volume of approximately 50%. In contrast, when played at maximum volume so gave Charge 3 better sound was cleaner. Taking into account the difference in price, especially after Bose's price increase in the fall, you do actually almost 2 JBL Charge3 or SoundLink III.
    Solid waterproof speakers. Good sound for the money.
    Urnöjd with this speaker! Good sound with deep bass. Pause / Play button, which also acts as the Next button if you double-tap. Waterproof, perfect to wear in the shower. Really good battery life. Charging via Micro-USB, it is possible to charge and play simultaneously. The only thing I'm going on that are a bit negative is that the buttons blend in speaker so you can not see optimally. The speaker driver or whatever it's called that vibrates in and out at the sides when the bass strikes should be more secure.
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