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      Honestly couldn't really tell you a fault for this size of speaker +Sound quality +Loudness (dB) +Portability +Battery life and charge time +Ease of use
      Sounds to its size incredibly well. Have no latency when you look films from the iPhone / iPad, so that the lips are in sync with the sound, which is not all Bluetooth devices can handle. Good battery life. Durable, has been featured on many adventures in various bags, out with boats, on picnics and in the bathroom without being noticed one anywhere either functionally or externally. Had a lot of fun with this! Recommended!
      Great sound, plus great battery life!
      One of the better mini speakers I tried, really happy with my purchase. Ok battery life, good sound.
      For the money you can get much better sound unfortunately .... I had before the purchase of the Bose SoundLink mini which I thought was good as long as it is not raised too much when the base disappeared almost completely plus the little bass sound was distorted . This is ok sound but no more. I think it has a stuffy and artificial sounds, and this gets worse the more you höjer.Denna handed back and I bought me instead a Creative Sound Blaster amusing that I am pleased with, and it is also more portable.
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