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Product information

    Number of speakers
    Available colours
    Black, White


    Number of speakers


    Speaker connectors (type)


    Available colours
    Black, White



    Audio features

    Center speaker
    Bass elements, materials (center)
    Bass elements, quantity (center)
    Bass elements, size (center)
    Diskant Element, type (center)
    Impedance (center)
    Midrange (center)
    Power peak (center)
    Sensitivity (center)
    Signal separation (center)
    Tweeters, number (center)
    Tweeters, size (center)
    Type of box body (center)
    Weight (center)
    1.5 kg
    Frequency range
    30 - 30000 Hz
    Front speaker
    Dimensions front (WxHxD)
    Depth front
    Height front
    Width front
    Bass element, materials (front)
    Bass elements, quantity (front)
    Bass elements, size (front)
    Diskant element, type (front)
    Impedance (front)
    Midrange (front)
    Power peak (front)
    Sensitivity (front)
    Signal separation (front)
    Tweeters, number (front)
    Tweeters, size (front)
    Type of box body (front)
    Weight (front)
    Suitable for subwoofer
    Dimensions sub (WxHxD)
    Depth sub
    Height sub
    Width sub
    Bass elements, materials (sub)
    Bass elements, size (sub)
    Bass elements, the number of (sub)
    Power peak (sub)
    Type of enclosure (sub)
    Weight (sub)
    13 kg
    Surround speakers
    Bass elements, materials (surround)
    Bass elements, range (surround)
    Bass elements, size (surround)
    Impedance (surround)
    Midrange (surround)
    Power peak (surround)
    Sensitivity (surround)
    Signal separation (surround)
    Tweeter Element, type (surround)
    Tweeters, number (surround)
    Tweeters, size (surround)
    Type of box body (surround)
    Weight (surround)
    1.5 kg


    Release year



    4.2 of 5 stars

    Based on 5 reviews

    Bought these new six months ago. Returned them because the fabric gave a sick ugly reflections when the light was on from the side. It was the black version and it became as breaks in the fabric because it was uneven tension. I emailed with KEF in England, but got the answer that it was so they would be. I later managed to buy these used. Went ec first to check if they were just as bad, but to my surprise it was a duller but slightly lighter fabric on them, so they did not suffer at all of these reflections. Purely in terms of design, this set of completely unbeatable, I think! I have a black thin wall-mounted TV with these speakers wall hung around. * * Mumma The sound is very "straight" and may be perceived as somewhat treble / sharp. But hardly surprising given the speaker volume and thickness. The base unit is incredibly well-balanced against the speakers, which makes it feel complete. Well I should add that they are incredibly thorough! (The speakers are glued according to KEF, so the fabric must not change.)
    Stylish rig (I bought them in the new white version) which does not compromise on sound. Balanced soundstage where even rear channels keep up far down in the registry. Lets also very good with music in 2.1 rendering. Only minus is perhaps that the sub is a bit 'difficult to wake "if you drive up and running sound at low volume ... This seems well, however, to be a fairly common problem for many manufacturers.
    Thrilled with these speakers. A bit expensive but it is fully offset by the look. Did not have big "floor speakers" but something that disappeared into the black velvet-covered wall as the canvas sits on. Well you see the speakers but they blend wonderfully. Ok, ok, but how does the gifts? Good, very good! The sound pressure is enough in my 16 m2 large cinema room, please. A real boost to my other Energy Speakers.
    That's insane pressure in them, these speakers ... are really happy with mine. Stylish as hell on the wall too ...!
    One should not lose this system to be a pure aesthetic product when it is anything but the truth! I've long been in search of a system that is both smooth and has a good sound and have listened to B & W FPM / VM, KEF 3005/5005, Dali Fazon, Mirage Omnisat mm but none of these have met both conditions in terms of Me. T205 is not at all the wooden 'sound that many of the smaller systems have and subwoofer complements other speakers very well with a continuous frequency range with no lag between the registers. The tweeters have a good spread of sound and although the rear speakers are mounted on the wall at the side of the couch so do not fall off the high frequencies while sitting far from the speaker sideways. Although they spread the sound good channel separation is good without giving a soundstage with gaps. Build quality is fantastic when they are cast in aluminum and the design has no glitches or parts that seem veka.Väggfästena that came with hidden very well when the speakers are mounted but there is no compulsion to use when they have a classic keyhole mounts. The design is very discreet and gives almost a sense of in-wall speaker.
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