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    Best headset I've ever had, and I with experience from many Bluetooth headsets. Sony MW1, Sony Ericsson MW600, Samsung BHS3000, Jabra BT 3030, Logitech Cordless Vantage etc etc.. But the sound in SBH80 is certainly the best I have experienced so far. Both the music and movie sound was really good. Call The sound was very clear, thanks stereomic: s and HD Voice. Both the respondent and I heard each other clearly. (The counterparty had the same headset) The volume level was high, it was not nice to have music sound to max in the mobile and headset on max. Although the conversation may be lowered a little. The design is very good, tried to run intervals on the track today with them and they remained as if nothing happened when I ran. They slipped off when I lay on my back after the workout though ... =) Have not had time to test the battery life yet, but the level is visible in the notification area in the mobile, both use and standby is included in the information. Installation was not as clear as a bell, NFC did not work at all with AOSP ROM on Galaxy S4. However, it was great to relax in classic bluetooth wise. Recommended!
    + Wireless unit + Easy to answer, hang up, change the volume, switch tracks, etc. + Dual microphones, no one complained that it is hard to hear the call - Sound quality, The base is getting better depending on how far they are inserted into the ear. But the longer the man they have the more uncomfortable they are. Still not approved then. Nothing much about the midrange and treble is ok at best. These can not compete even with the simplest senheiser headphones available on the market. CX300 (first generation) is much clearer treble and bass. One must unfortunately that Smilet that you get the good fooling with fine treble / bass! +/- Still have to say that it still länns as blåtanden is the bottleneck in this case. The sound does not reach the volume as desired. 10% left. Update: Left earphone stopped working. RMA against CDon stub!
    Super satisfied. Have 4 pairs lurking at home and rank them as follows. 1) Koss Porta Pro 2) Sony SBH80 (these) 3) zinc Urbanear 4) Original Samsung s6-trick + Full-bodied and delicate base. Surprised good for its small size. + Smooth + Comfortable fit + Good Vibration, you can keep your phone on silent. + Can be paired with multiple devices and management of this works well. + Located just fine despite not attach them to something. However, one must watch out when changing jumper or the like so as not to lose them. A little weak midrange Battery pack is not enough until lunch if you listen non-stop. -Motparten In the talks say it sounds like a robot first second. Recommended!
    Good sound and functionality in stylish design for a great price. Surprisingly good sound indeed. Have not had it long enough to comment on the battery and general durability yet.
    Best value I got for 699kr ever. Worked with these seven hours a day in a dirty workshop in around 2 years. The batteries are just shift out, about 7-8 hours. The sound quality is excellent, shut out all the noise from the machine and never go out of your ears by mistake. The only reason that the "only" get 9/10 is to the left handset now starts damped down sound and must be cleaned with paper at regular intervals. That said, never received so much value for 700 bucks. Just as hefty as the MW600 and MW1. Pure quality all three!
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