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Product information

    Headset (integrated/enclosed microphone)
    Earpiece design
    Over ear
    Attachment type
    Available colours
    Black, Grey, Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Pink
    Play/Pause, Next song, Previous song, Volume, Keyguard, Answer button


    Acoustic design
    Play/Pause, Next song, Previous song, Volume, Keyguard, Answer button
    Driver technology
    Earpiece design
    Over ear
    Stereo 2.0


    Other connectors
    Operating system
    Cord length
    120 cm
    Type of connector
    Wireless connection
    Bluetooth codec
    aptX, LDAC, SBC, AAC
    Bluetooth profile
    Bluetooth version


    Attachment type
    Available colours
    Black, Grey, Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Pink


    Driver size
    40 mm
    290 g


    Detachable cable, Foldable, Active noise reduction, Supports NFC, Buttons/controls adapted for iPhone, Charging via USB

    Audio features

    Frequency range
    5 - 40000 Hz
    Headset (integrated/enclosed microphone)
    32 Ω
    Power handling capacity
    103 dB/mW

    Power supply

    Battery operated
    Battery life (running)
    20 h


    Release year



    4.2 of 5 stars

    Based on 31 reviews

    SONY, the sound.
    Super! The MDR 100ABN has a sound signature alike the MDR 1A, with a couple of exceptions; 1 - I would say that the lower bass on these, make them sound like it's a sealed sub, very accurate and clean, while the 1A's bass sounds like a ported sub, giving that feeling that you have two bass shakers attached to Din hoved, men kanskje det har å gjøre med sin konstruktion, siden 100ABN føler sig mere solid. 2 - Treble is also precision clean, well presented and has this silky character to it, but it has a faint hint of sibilance. Maybe it's Sony's DSEE reworking the "High Resolution" part of the audio. On the 1A, treble is somehow more "natural", with a wider sound stage, probably because they're wired. This thing deals with EQ like a boss. Throw some sub bass at them, and they'll return some cool ear rumble. Very easy to bring up those lower bass lines, or the sparkling highs that give that air to your music. Mind one thing tho, Sony's DSEE may be transparent in operation, but it's in charge of the audio at all times. If you go overboard with excessive EQing and pump up the volume, DSEE will kick in and adjust the overall output and frequency response in order to avoid distortion, but do not worry, because by then they're playing really loud. På mine test, har jeg funnet ut at dette kan forekomme mer eller mindre, avhengig av kvaliteten og lydtrickene fra den kilde. Tested wirelessly with a Cowon J3, a OnePlus 3T using Black Player and Sony's Music Center, a RealTek ALC 269 with AIMP, MP3 320kbps and FLAC. No High Resolution audio tests. Noise Canceling has best results with lower ambient noise frequencies. Good confort but a bit bulky. All other functions are as advertised. Great Headphones.
    I have almost only positive to say. The sound quality is fantastic, they are good, are easy to use and oozes quality. I can pry and bend them without creaking or squeaking. They can play all day long on a single charge. The noise reduction is amazing. It eliminates almost all the noise but not human voices. You hear someone shout but you hear no road / rail clatter of public transport. They are awesome looking! The images are significantly misleading, at least for the blue that I have. In reality, feels the color darker and "murrigare" and it shifts greatly in different lights and angles, which gives a very nice effect. See video reviews for a better picture of how they look in real life, and then think that the effect of reality is even stronger than the video cameras able to capture. The negative: * You can not listen to them with bluetooth while charging, then you have to use the cord also for sound, ie have two wires. * Pair it with multiple devices (such as mobile and computer) and both are within range, you must go to the device you want to use, and disconnect from there. You can not switch the source from the headphones and can not prioritize the currently playing audio. * High resolution and lossless audio transmission with LDAC (24bit / 96kHz) works only together with other modern Sony products such as Xperia phones. There is no LDAC codec for either the Mac, Windows or Linux. With other products used aptX which, however, provide a satisfactory sound for most. All negative points are "typically Sony" -grejer as I expected when I saw the Sony logo so I give no points deduction for them.
    Having just had my kids a few hours but figured share my first impressions. Lovely sound! Noise reduction is pleasant, very good indeed. It is not as strong as the Bose QC25 / 35 and transmits voices a little weak, which I think is good. I can also confirm that the outdoors in windy it sounds a bit disturbing. The sound I think is more pleasant to listen to than the Bose QC35. The wireless works really well, has not hacked or dragged something for me. Really nice with NFC, too, are lightning quick to connect devices. Have connected to the PC via Bluetooth, too, and they worked great for gaming. The fit is good, think Bose QC35 sits a little more comfortable, but they are also very comfortable to wear. They feel very solid in the quality, feel, and certainly looks as premium. A very big plus is the included case is incredibly tailored for headphones, sitting there glued in. The case is very neat and hard material that can easily venture to throw in your bag. Those I've spoken on the phone to find that call quality has been good. Can absolutely recommend the Sony MDR-100ABN! After 5 months of almost daily use, I'm still satisfied. Battery life is really good, loads them about 1 once a month and use them on average 1-2 hours per day. A small minus that one does not get any warning when the battery is running low.
    + Terribly good base, short and distinct. + Drop something in the midrange, but it is large enough, only the most diehard. + Fantastic good at low volumes and noise reduction does its job very well. + Nice not too protruding caps in good quality, should be tested if you have bigger ears then see for sure is uncomfortable. + Micarna sit facing forward ... (of course) can interfere with the sound at the hands (of course) the headwind .. Eeeeh surprise! + Battery! Cannon! + Do recorded!
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