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Product information

    Headset (integrated/enclosed microphone)
    Earpiece design
    Over ear
    Attachment type
    Available colours
    Black, White, Brown
    Play/Pause, Next song, Previous song, Volume, Keyguard, Answer button


    Acoustic design
    Play/Pause, Next song, Previous song, Volume, Keyguard, Answer button
    Driver technology
    Earpiece design
    Over ear
    Stereo 2.0


    Other connectors
    Operating system
    Cord length
    140 cm
    Type of connector
    Wireless connection
    Bluetooth codec
    aptX, SBC
    Bluetooth profile
    Bluetooth version


    Attachment type
    Available colours
    Black, White, Brown


    Driver size
    265 g


    Detachable cable, Foldable, Active noise reduction, Multi Point, Interchangeable ear cushions, Supports NFC, Buttons/controls adapted for iPhone, Charging via USB

    Audio features

    Frequency range
    16 - 22000 Hz
    Headset (integrated/enclosed microphone)
    480 Ω
    Power handling capacity
    200 mW
    110 dB/mW

    Power supply

    Battery operated
    Battery life (running)
    22 h


    Release year



    3.9 of 5 stars

    Based on 44 reviews

    Good and comfortable, but must shock every now and then on the ear. Sometimes multiple shocks. Even though it does not hurt so much, it's annoying.
    Struggling also støykanseleringen outdoor moving and walking. Bose QC 25 works substantially better there (but windy little problem there and). Too bad the sound is a little better on these. Consider buying the version without bluetooth and ANC. Much cheaper, better sound without the expensive technologies they do not quite get to.
    I've always been a little anti Bluetooth headsets when I as a music producer is very picky when it comes to sound, and specifically low end (Trance) while I am extremely allergic to background noise / white noise. I have previously tested a couple of QC35 with an iPhone, which became my reference point and decided rather quickly to the BT audio is far from being so mature that someone like me would spend these amounts on a pair of headphones. However, it was still something with the convenience of escape cord that made me after much searching ran a "Hail Mary" and acquired "Momentum Wireless Black '(which is actually some kind mörkgråblå, prettier than black!) On elgiganten Friday. My copy has 0.1% of white noise, not audible if you really can not precisely adjust the headphones on your ears to listen for specifically this. Fantastic! No BT headsets I have tested before has given me the same experience as them. Positively. + Really awesome build quality! (Thanks Sennheiser!) + Design, Stylish and pretty neat! + Ok sounds right out of the box, crazy good after a little tweaking EQ + Android phone (and then I have not even a supporting APTX). Much better than the QC35 to me. + Easy connection (NFC) + Battery life of 22 hours seems to have a good + Foldable (does not swivel, which is a pity if you want them around your neck comfortably) + Possibility of cable connection if the battery runs out (not tested) Meh +/- comfort, it is "ok". The pillows are soft, however, the rest of the headphones rather harsh and rigid. The cushions in the bow is hard, resulting in being a little sore on the head. Are you also bald so learn it even more difficult. I have enough trouble sitting with these hours straight without the need to remove them to me every now and then because they either do not cover my ears to 100%. +/- ANC (Active Noise Canceling) is slightly inferior but QC35 "ok". negatively - Mine are useless for calls if they are connected to more than one source (eg PC + phone). Audio cuts and chops constant so within 5 seconds, I have always changed the phone instead. Tested However, now with only one source, and then it seems to work well. It seems that BT signals interfere each other out ... or something. This was a major problem when the headphones were released around 2015 and Sennheiser recalled / stopped selling them, thought this would be fixed now ?? - Maybe this is a general problem with BT and no appeal lies wrong ... but if the phone is connected to two output devices like handsets and perhaps, a Tesla so freaking headphones out as soon as you sit in the car. Connected, disconnected, connected, disconnected the infinite loop we hear in the headphones until you close them. However, this may depend more on how BT works in the phone than the headphones as I said. Overall I am satisfied with the headphones when sound quality and build quality is top notch and it was just what I was looking for. Although BT problems would be fixed so comfort (for me) still prevent headphones from getting 10/10, but 8 max 9/10 maybe it will, in the end ... Who knows. Overall I would probably recommend these especially against QC35 just because. quality. If for some reason you specifically looking for NC or comfort, you should maybe check the QC35 instead (or perhaps Sony MDR-1000X), entrusted to them is in my opinion worse at everything else. I'm sitting right now and waiting for a response from Sennheiser BT problems'll see what they say.
    blown away .. considering cheaper alternatives such as Philips SHB9850NC, Sony MDR-100ABN. but this beats them comfort, I have a feeling. Looking for a pair of headphones, you can have 10h of streaks, look no further. The noise reduction is excellent, although a distant murmur in the background when no audio source is played (hum can be perceived disturbing to sensitive), it remains curious that there is a button on / off - noise reduction. Anyway, that's the only negative point so far, the construction is quality throughout. The sound quality of the headphones do not need to be mentioned, however, a typical Sennheiser sound, well-balanced as hell.
    The world, right now, by far the best wireless headphones. Let me briefly summarize why. In addition to the Sennheiser Momentum Wireless is the best looking handsets available (for example, hitting the plastic Bose QC35 headphones with horse lengths) so they sit very comfortably on the head, for how many hours any time. I had them during a trip in which the total travel time stayed at 18 hours and they sat comfortably throughout the trip. I had several hours (!) Of battery life left when I arrived. The active noise reduction works incredibly well, and any disturbance noises (for example aircraft) is reduced significantly. The only little minus here is that you can not turn off the bride reduction manually, but it is always on (resulting in the grade 9/10). Quick pairing both Bluetooth (iOS & Android) and NFC (Android). Both the base, mellanregiser and the higher registers are of course world class, but what had been expected by Sennheiser?
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