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Product information

    Headset (integrated/enclosed microphone)
    Earpiece design
    Over ear
    Attachment type
    Available colours
    Black, White, Brown, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Beige
    Play/Pause, Next song, Previous song, Volume, Keyguard, Answer button


    Acoustic design
    Play/Pause, Next song, Previous song, Volume, Keyguard, Answer button
    Driver technology
    Earpiece design
    Over ear
    Stereo 2.0


    Other connectors
    Operating system
    Cord length
    130 cm
    Type of connector
    Wireless connection
    Bluetooth codec
    SBC, AAC
    Bluetooth profile
    Bluetooth version


    Attachment type
    Available colours
    Black, White, Brown, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Beige


    Driver size
    40 mm
    270 g


    Detachable cable, Foldable, Active noise reduction, Supports NFC, Buttons/controls adapted for iPhone, Charging via USB, Suitable for gaming

    Audio features

    Frequency range
    20 - 22000 Hz
    Headset (integrated/enclosed microphone)
    Power handling capacity
    10 mW
    93 dB/mW

    Power supply

    Battery operated
    Battery life (running)
    18 h


    Release year



    3.2 of 5 stars

    Based on 8 reviews

    Had these about a year now - and like them a lot! They sound good, fit well, and are really smart. Some quick; advantages: Great sound! Good NC! Quick pairing Touch Control Cons The cups are quite small - can be a problem for those with larger ears, as these might become more "on-ear" than "over-ear". Touch controls are a bit unreliable. Proximity sensor works very badly - that I shut off and have not used again. Short battery life - gets about 5-7h at a charge. Bought these for ca. 2000 SEK and think they definitely live up. Overall a delight to use. Battery life, however the main drawback. I had been looking for a pair of wireless headphones today - so I would not have bought them back, however, but looked for other options.
    "The worlds most advanced headphone" Works ok, needs charging 1 time a day, very little white noice noise reduction and sound great. Also nice software and auto-pause feature works well if you use it as intended (which I do). The problem .. Now in the autumn it will be a bit cooler and wetter in the air, making the handsets pauses music automatically (usually a light press on the handset). So you put on music again, and pauses again. Emailed their support and got the following response: "The issue you are facing is likely to be caused not by the cold itself, but by sudden changes in the temperature Which can lead to condensation around your headphone's touch panel. The Therefore, you should try avoiding using the headphones When going from a heated room into the cold ... " So .. Either they find me to reduce the indoor temperature or so, one might plug the cord into the wireless headphones .. so all function disappears .. Too high price for a pair of wired headphones! Then there are better options!
    See detailed review when I compared the Parrot Zik 2 against Philips SHB9850NC and Plantronics Backbeat Pro.
    I was looking for the most perfect wireless over-ear headphones with noise reduction, searched, compared, tested for about two weeks before I struck. The final fight was between the Parrot Zik 2.0, Sennheiser Momentum 2 Wireless and Sony MDR-1RBT. His colleague had bought Momentum 2 Wireless so got to test it thoroughly, the other was tested in the store. Sennheiser Momentum 2 fell on it sounded equivalent to the Parrot, and you can not turn off noise reduction, as well as that of the noise-effects (white noise) sounds a bit too much these kids. Furthermore, the lack of features. These are extremely basic. Sony MDR-1RBT fell on the plastiga quality that I read was sensitive, lacked even the features I would prefer them to have. Both Sennheiser and Sony handset is damn good trick, and both of them are more comfortable straw on the head than the Parrot. BUT Parrot Zik 2.0 is that taken from the future with all its unique features. Take e.g. you can adjust the noise reduction in various steps, turn it off, and even do so micarna bring in outside noise, so that they act as "open" trick. You hear the surroundings but also the music. Perfect if you need to hear what is happening around, which I find useful on the job. One can see the battery life in percent accurate through the app. Two different kinds of EQ, Parrot's own and a standard. Especially flight mode noise cancellation with 18 hours of playtime, it saved my two 16-hour flight. Was pure magic to turn off all the engine noise and other noise. White LED instead of blue as any other. Then the sensor that pauses the music when you take them off. You can set the time when the TV automatically turns off (if you want). You can pick out the battery via a magnetic gap on the handset. The headphones are very customable, the sensor can be turned off eg and such. With more. DISADVANTAGES then? - 6 hours of battery life when Sennheiser type 22 hours ... Come on Parrot! - Buggy firmware, no major problems. But the little glitches that marked the occasion. - Speculation, but believe the leather will get ugly in a few years, feels low quality. - Design a little flimsy, indeed metal, but not as robust as Sennheiser. - The cables supplied are completely useless, fabric knorvar directly. - At first I hated the design, now I think they are OK, kind classy at least. - On / Off button is located on a damn badly positioned place. Printed by mistake. - Touch Panel stop working as soon as it gets below freezing, but starts in the heat again. BUT, these disadvantages can lixom to live with. There is none of them bother me at anything in particular, it is well that it only has 6 hours of playing time in that case. But Thank God that one can plop the battery jättenkelt which guarantees that one should be able to buy spare batteries in the future, while eg Snooze Momentum 2 must be submitted to the workshop. Benefits weighs over with Parrot. They are still the best BT headphones with NC that you can buy today in my opinion. Very pleased.
    Not entirely satisfied got out around 4½ hours on my first use in telephone conference guess it might draw extra battery when the mic is actively used. Noise canclation function is good and headphones looks grim looking out Given that I paid around 2000 for the headphones, I am very satisfied and would not choose any other if you want both cruel noise cancellation and Bluetooth else is noise canceellation better at Bose qc25 but these are also good
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