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    The headphones come in an exclusive and fine package. Felt really premium. Once I put on my headphones, you notice that they are very small, more on-ear over the ear. They sit very tightly around the head and I can max use them for 60 minutes without interruption, but after 15 minutes it starts to feel strained. They have almost no attenuation in the loop, allowing the press to the head. The design of the bow seems to be the same as the Beats Wireless. A properly plus is that noise cancellation really works well, the downside is that it can not be turned off when using Bluetooth. You can also change so that the headphones releases more background noise, but then it sounds artificial. My Sennheiser PC360 G4ME has better sound than these, however, are wired. A plus is cruel battery life ranging from 12-15 hours. Sometimes crackles headphones on when the Bluetooth signal is disturbed, which can happen if I have the phone in your pocket.
    Bought two pieces of Christmas 2015 for me and my wife. The crucial factor was the support for Bluetooth. Then my Bose 25qc that the paper should be a better headset. Had cable break at delivery and then walked replacement cord break after a week to and from work. + Sound, it suits me better. successful blend between RnB, rap and black metal and classical. + Really good battery life (about 12-14h with my use) + Cable (which works in qc25) good sound without battery + Mic even when you are not using the cord + Npoise canceling is "on par" with qc25 - On a few occasions it has advocated in the headphones which seems to depend on bt rather than anything else. According to me it is a better buy than my QC25 Found these in 1995 at Media Markt.