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Product information

Headset (integrated/enclosed microphone)
Earpiece design
In ear
Attachment type
Earloop/Ear conch
Available colours
Black, White, Blue, Red, Gold, Green
Play/Pause, Next song, Previous song, Volume, Keyguard, Answer button


Acoustic design
Play/Pause, Next song, Previous song, Volume, Keyguard, Answer button
Driver technology
Earpiece design
In ear
Stereo 2.0


Other connectors
Operating system
Wired (Headphone> Audio source)
Wireless connection
Bluetooth codec
Bluetooth profile
Bluetooth version


Attachment type
Earloop/Ear conch
Available colours
Black, White, Blue, Red, Gold, Green


Driver size
6 mm
Product weight
17.9 g


Multi Point, Interchangeable ear cushions, Buttons/controls adapted for iPhone, Charging via USB, Intended for sports use

Audio features

Frequency range (max)
20000 Hz
Frequency range (min)
20 Hz
Headset (integrated/enclosed microphone)
16 Ω
Power handling capacity
5 mW
96 dB/mW

Power supply

Battery operated
Battery life (running)
8 h


Release year



3.2 of 5 stars

Based on 54 reviews

Update: Today when I would use the headphones were not as happy as they would anywhere. They worked great when I finished my workout yesterday in a couple of hours but this morning gave the left ear a loud howling sound, but they joined, later, they did not start at all. They have continued to act extremely variable during the day, for a while was the remote control is very warm, sometimes they have started up, and sometimes just hisses and beeps those without rebooting. None of this is something they do normally. Will unfortunately once again to contact support for me in this case .... lowered my rating to just approved. Will return if this turns out to be an odd one, but to be honest this is probably just again an inferior product that does not really keeps its promises when it comes to sweat resistance. _________________________ So far so good. Had about 8 pairs of Jaybird X2, which all failed because they can not withstand sweat despite the fact that they are marketed as. Had X3orna in about 1 week now and so far, these meet. + Battery life (8h, which it seems clear) + Less than X2 headphones + Sweat resistant (update if this is not so) + The sound, as X2 possibly slightly better, with no noticeable difference. + Premium feeling, more metal components in the product. + Fit, is the same as X2 -Laddningsdocka required -something Less range than earlier? Is the cell phone free with a clear view to the headphones reaches the approximately 10m before they begin to lose touch. But his cell phone in a pair of tight jeans can make you lose the sound constant. Did this not as clear with X2 but on the other hand, I have a new phone since then, which can affect. -Greater Remote than the previous generation, however, if the now is sweat resistant, it is an upgrade. The remote control is relatively thin and does not interfere in anyway. Looking to sweat resistant inear workout headphones, this is the best option in the current situation.
The essential proprietary charger is tiny, and very easy to lose (mine was pick-pocketed overseas 2 months ago). The headphones are useless without it. Jaybird no longer support this charger and accessory pack in NZ. One may be able to find this $5 (USD) charger in NZ for over $56, with shipping at Noel Lemming and Harvey Norman...but it is often out of stock. I also refuse to pay this price gouged amount, and I will wait until I go overseas again to buy one at my American mother-in law's home- though one needs a legitimate overseas credit card and address. It is only sold on-line and only overseas. Finally, after dozens of emails, Jaybird said they could forward one with the NZ post service out of Portland, Oregon, Youpost. But I discovered today that since it is electronic and not in the manufacture's packaging, Youpost considers it "dangerous" and will not forward it. It is best to keep away from Jaybird products! I have a pair of $200 headphones that will no longer work thanks to this fatal flaw.
Really good sound is good! - special charger with USB Connector
I love them! I consider myself to be sound picky but are certainly no expert. Use about the sizes of both foam plugs and them "normal", foam plugs sits like a glove, isolates perfectly and gives a wonderful bass. I use them when I gymmar and plugs. Clearly they best headphones I've owned, worth the money. + Long battery life and recharged quickly. + Easy to take with them. + Sitting schmäcket in the ear and is not bulky. + Can be connected to the PC and phone simultaneously. + The sound gets 10/10. + Long range, you can walk across the gym without the music switched off or lowered. + Comes with 9 different sections so finding a good fit is simple. - Isolates as hell, disadvantage when you are in public. - Can sometimes be interference in the music depending on how the headset is directed from the phone, the music is lowered. However, nothing bothers me. - The ears get tired in the beginning when you are above. - No optimum sound in the phone call when the headphones are double connected to a computer and telephone.
+ Sent from NetOnNet same day they came into the store. I bought mine at the price cut to 990kr too which was great. Not had any bluetooth headphones before and must say that it is a huge boost. Not having to worry about cords, wonderful! Used them a lot when I run, and they sit where they sit for a bit of testing with different sizes of shells and plugs. The sound you set with their own app in the equalizer, after a little pill I have found a home, is really satisfied. There are plenty of bass if you like it, mostly hard rock that apply to me and I'm happy. 8h battery life seem right. Sweat security so far anyway when it runs pretty good when it runs. - The negative I can think, is a little but in that case the mic. Very difficult to make yourself understood when you have cable behind the neck but can be solved by moving the front. The sound can sometimes hack when I have the phone in the front pocket which surprises me a little. Overall cruelly satisfied. Hugely expensive headphones! Highly recommended
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