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    + Warm, rich sound Awesome easily pairs Sitting comfortably on the head, no uncomfortable pressure Works great with 2 pairade units Ok battery life - A little weak punch in the The soft parts becoming mashed / deformed when one puts the HS
    Probably among the best purchases ever. Everything good except: - The bag and the way to keep them together is not so very good. - Is it above big headphones, you become quickly tired of warm ears. Bought in sales for 2400 and it is the host!
    My first Bose headphones and my first BT headphones. I am satisfied with the sound quality given that it's wireless headphones. Flexible to connect and work with any device that I try. The buttons are easily accessible and intuitive. The noise level is approved. They are comfortable but it gets sweaty with "leather" -hörlurskuddar against the skin. The price is on the high side considering what you get clean sound wise, but you get a good-looking and well-made bag. It is wonderful to not have to be stuck in a cable.
    Plus * Lightweight. * Sits comfortably. * Stylish design. * Good battery life. * fast charge, both full and quick charge to get a little more battery quickly. * Can be run off with them. * If the battery runs out it works fine with the extra cord. * Quick Connect with Bluetooth. * Shift between two different units work very well. * Call works perfect what I have experienced so far. * Audio is according to me good. High enough. * Good with padded. * Possible to have around the neck and thus the MIN helmet. * Key function works okay. * Can be on hand with headphones on whether you have, in my case, a Tempur pillow or the like. Minus * Becomes warm ears. However, it becomes perhaps this all inclusive for a while. * If you want a very loud sound has its limitations. * The case little weak in my opinion. * Too much headwind heard it through the covers. However, perhaps not at maximum volume. * Changing the song backward (three clicks) is difficult since often the song you are listening to (Spotify) starts on all the time if you do not speed up. So you need to press six clicks. It works but a bit awkward, especially if you have mittens or gloves. * Use only with a USB cable, an adapter. However, there is no problem for most, but a little stingy by BOSE.
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