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    Fantastiskta lurking! The sound is divine! Well-balanced base, certainly not weak! Noise reduction is cruel of flights, passengers in the car or at the office. Becomes silent! Without a doubt worth 4k! ☺️ ????
    Amazing trick which I have owned for a couple of months + Improved Bluetooth range than some other BT headphones. + Extremely comfortable to wear, is not sweaty around the ears. + Just ok sound quality. + Good buttons on the sides. Do not like the various touch interface that some others have. + Great battery life, hands indefinitely. + Good noise reduction that does not means that you get a headache after a while. - Even if the sound is very good as I can in some songs (rock music) wish me a slightly heavier bass. - Noise reduction can not be switched off. Very satisfied with my purchase. I've tried lurking in the same price range from three other manufacturers and QC35 stands out clearly the best. Especially in comfort, noise reduction and Bluetooth range. Update: Damn typical, just when you've written a good review so go the headphones broke! On / Off button stopped working. Seems like spring behind released so it is neither to turn off or turn on the headphones anymore. I have read about many others who had the same problem, and you'd think they'll last longer than 2 months! It was no problem to replace them in the shop on a new pair, but now it terrified that it will happen again. I have now set auto shutdown in 5 minutes to avoid having to use the on / off button other than to pair with new BT devices. On / off button feels a bit more stable on the new copy, but it is still a bit nojig. Really boring, I can deduct two stars for this. Lurking in this price bracket and on / off button pajar after 2 months, not ok!
    Have a couple Momentum2 Wireless as similarly priced to compare with QC35 with firmware 1.6, coupled with the Galaxy S7 edge: + Comfort. Comfortable to wear for long periods + light + Good call quality and top microphone for calls. No complained that they did not hear me. + Good app and easy to pair with multiple devices + Battery life + Ability to update software -skarp treble at maximum volume, that's sound cut sharply. -poor range of bluetooth, hack sharply against other BT headphones I had (which costs one-fifth) -poor construction quality. OnOff button "rattle" easy as it sounds in the cap when walking. Read several reports from users where the spring is broken in for several people after a few weeks, which means that you can not then turn on them at all. -noice cancellation greatly enhances the wind. This is something that might be resolved with a future software update but does not feel right. I tried to ride with them turned off in the wind. The wind is not heard when the cups enough ears. Turn them on and under the weather, I bicycles - not ok - The sound is not anything impressive in this price range. Would not recommend these. Definitely not for the price, and not until a revised uppaga with more stable Bluetooth and construction quality has improved. Left my return because of the above.
    Have had it wired QC25 too but I think this one has better noise reduction. Comfortable to wear, good battery life and quick to load. There is actually nothing to complain about.
    Super comfortable headphones. When you pair it with your iPhone and download the app Bose Connect, to update the software via bluetooth headphone. You get a good case to have headphones in addition an adapter to use on the aircraft. Have only tried the headphones at home, ie, in a quieter environment. I wish there was more of noise reduction, then I feel it all as it only lowers the sound of a conversation in the background. I also have a parrot at home, what was interesting is that it does not matter if noise reduction is on, hear his whistling equally well with or without noise reduction. Is still satisfied with the product. It's good quality.
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