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Product information

    Headset (integrated/enclosed microphone)
    Earpiece design
    On ear
    Attachment type
    Available colours
    Black, Silver, Blue
    Play/Pause, Next song, Previous song, Volume, Keyguard, Answer button


    Acoustic design
    Play/Pause, Next song, Previous song, Volume, Keyguard, Answer button
    Driver technology
    Earpiece design
    On ear
    Stereo 2.0


    Other connectors
    Operating system
    Cord length
    300 cm
    Type of connector
    Wireless connection
    Bluetooth codec
    aptX, SBC
    Bluetooth profile
    Bluetooth version


    Attachment type
    Available colours
    Black, Silver, Blue


    Driver size
    40 mm
    190 g


    Detachable cable, Foldable, Buttons/controls adapted for iPhone, Charging via USB, Suitable for gaming

    Audio features

    Frequency range
    20 - 20000 Hz
    Headset (integrated/enclosed microphone)
    32 Ω
    Power handling capacity
    30 mW
    113 dB/mW

    Power supply

    Battery operated
    Battery life (running)
    20 h


    Release year



    4.1 of 5 stars

    Based on 13 reviews

    Very good sound and really comfortable headphones! Easy to handle and good battery life. Nice that you can connect via cable if the battery runs out. The microphone works satisfactorily. To say something negative: When the headphones folded hands it easy to power / Bluetooth knappn pressed. I do not really understand the point of having them folded, do not they take up less space directly and they barely fits in the included case. Would also point out that the leaks some noise if you sit in a quiet environment.
    Edit: Reduces the grade with a star then micljudet is too low. Good sound quality of the counterparty, but low. For me, this year "exceeded expectations". Bought these for Black Friday for 800 SEK, but also for the full price around 1600, they are affordable. RapidEyeMovement has already done a really good review and I choose to just add a few thoughts beyond hens. + Build quality is world class. Like the small detail that one can easily see the sturdy metal screws that hold together both leads and jumper. + Stylish and discreet. Now, I have chosen the all-black model and where the problem does not occur with a blaffig sign that RapidEyeMovement refers to. + The sound is very balanced, and my feeling is that they generally handle all genres well. + The amplifier in the headphones is good cream - well above what the phone delivers through 3.5 mm. + As my predecessor mentioned, the connection works fine and I have not had a notch. Would also like to add that the scope is fantastic (over 40 meters in open air and through two interior walls. + When you turn off the headphones so you can find the source lightning fast, faster than I experienced with any BT product before. + Battery life is way beyond expectation. They promise 20h listening and I have clocked 24h (then with about 10-20% left the indicator). + The ear cups are incredibly closed and dampens the environment significantly. At the same time, I feel no problem of internal sounds (resonance in your head, your own footsteps, etc.) that many example Ear result. + The controls on the headset sits perfectly on the right side. They really have thought of when you raise your right arm to adjust anything. Your fingers naturally land on the middle button and it takes you just a couple of tries before the button locations ingrained. As for the negative, and there is only one thing ... - 3.5-2.5 mm cable. Why!? Input if you want to run the cable instead is thus 2.5 mm. Standard headphone cable is 3.5 mm. The result is that you are forced to use the supplied cable. Now it is a wireless handset, to which it will be used. But sometimes it is useful to run Wired. In my case, for example video conferencing on your work computer or connect it to the controller on the PS4 control and then I want to use the cable I want. It seems unnecessary and a bit 'sneeky "AKG's side. This takes the grade from a 10 to a 9. Summed up: A few really affordable wireless headphones with balanced sound, good construction quality, long battery life and qualitative BT connection. You will not be disappointed.
    best bluetooth headphones I've tried. the sound is very good, on my nexus 6p which has recognized bad headphone output sounds actually better than "ordinary" Y50. generous and yet comfortable base. clear treble. only minuses are well aware that they are the heaviest team and that the microphone does not deliver great sound to the other party in the call.
    Thought it was time to purchase me a new pair of wireless headphones. Have previously had a couple of Sony MDR-ZX750 and Creative WP-380th My reviews now after a day's use: + Good bass + Awesome much more comfortable than my previous lurking, even though they are a little heavier. + Better design with buttons than my previous lurking. + Improved sound quality of the sound perceived as (than my earlier), despite my upcoming review. + Exemplary Standards + Despite on-ear that dampens the environment significantly. - Nothing really clear sound, has a pair of M-Audio BX8 D2 comparison. I know that my speakers have a very clear sound, and despite the fact that the second that I put on the headphones experienced sound "tinny", which does not match, so I still feel that they do not have a clear sound. Maybe I have just been an odd one? - It looks a bit like an astronaut in them. Not ugly, just a little big. + - Can not yet comment on battery life or if any connection problems. But based on the reviews, this should be good. + - The price is right for these kids. Gets 7/10 from me.
    Have listened around in six months for good wireless handsets. Bought NGT cheap bt in-ear debris in the US last summer that kids now get to play with. Have had AKG headphones in different varieties for about 10 years. Like the German ideal of sound with a tight bass that does not "wet" the sound. I had listened sample y50bt at Media Markt Barkarby along with a lot of other brands - awesome service from she who was responsible for the headphone department btw. Thought, however, that in 1700 - was in the SOLID best team. Bought them instead of Black Friday sale for 899 - the technology magazine. Is so sick satisfied with the sound and bluetooth connection never bothered, and I mean NEVER! Sure, the heavy and almost a bit big for my extremely small head but the advantages outweigh the disadvantages by far.
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