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    Becomes so angry that my old iPod, generation 4-5 is still hanging with. To replace it with a new one. Like the small size when I exercise instead of a phone. Good sound and adequately long battery life, the battery life can never be too long ...
    Do iPods is very limited. Approved and nothing more.
    Should have wi-fi
    Very very nice player. + Great sound, with the right speakers. + Good with EQ, but no manual EQ, but there are many choices. + Small, lightweight and stylish. + Very easy to maneuver and incredibly good touch and well-placed buttons. + Detailed screen, and enough high resolution even though it sounds low on paper, but it's a small screen and there is also an audio player primarily. +30 Hr battery life is very good for such a small device. (Do not know if it's true) + Recharges in type 2 hours in USB3. + Speakers Included are well approved and sounds and fits well. + Extras such as podcast, Radio, Clock, Timer, Chronograph, Exercise Gadgets such as pedometers, Playback, Video playback. + / - Speakers Included are well approved and sounds and fits well. But not the world's best speakers. -ITunes coercion. Can feel a bit too small and sometimes difficult to hold in. Otherwise it is perfect. Breathe quality nonetheless hardware and software!
    + Build quality is at its peak + The same charger as my iPhone and iPad + Good Sound + Small and flexible - Poor screen. Crappy of Apple not being able to throw in the Retina in such a small screen. Are allergic to pixelated screens. Saving! - The headphones suck as usual for Apple gadgets. - No holes for a loop or necklace. - Spotify had been nicely - Expensive
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