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Product information

    Available colours
    Black, Silver
    Type (radio)
    FM, AM, Internet Radio, DAB
    Analogue 3.5mm input


    Analogue 3.5mm input
    Analogue RCA stereo inputs
    0 pair
    Headphone output
    Other connectors
    Composite output, Ethernet (Network/RJ-45)


    Supported audio files


    Available colours
    Black, Silver


    3.6 kg


    Clock radio with alarm, DLNA certified, Separate speakers, Mobile app for controlling features, Docking Station for mobile/iPod


    Bluetooth codec
    Bluetooth profile
    Bluetooth version
    Wireless network (Wi-Fi)


    Radio receiver
    Type (radio)
    FM, AM, Internet Radio, DAB
    Streaming standards


    Optical drive

    Audio features

    Output power per channel
    20 W

    Power supply

    Operational Power Consumption (min-max)
    23 W
    Power consumption (standby)
    0.5 W


    Release year



    2.8 of 5 stars

    Based on 6 reviews

    Had mine for 2 years, never seen a bug / problem talked about here under. Maybe got lucky. Use a few times each week with AirPlay, Bluetooth, Internet radio, DLNA and always worked.
    All work directly and have not encountered any of the problems others have reviewed. Good audio and internet radio airplay + used daily. QuickStart fashion a must otherwise take the 30sekunder to boot, now 1 second. Edit: Bugs too much, do not buy this!
    Thought I would be pleased. But oh so wrong I was. The software locks up so you have to unplug it to get out of the lock. The sound is great on the radio (running only on internet radio), but that is to be good in terms of sound. Audio to mp3, wma is lousy, at least when I was driving on the wireless. Scarcely better sound from the usb stick, but something better. The base is distorted when you want to draw on. Only thing I liked was the internet radio and design. But for 2000 crowns, I can probably find cheaper if I was looking for it. So no thanks, the unit goes back.
    Yes it seems like a good music machine I purchased. but how the hell do you get it to stream music from your PC and Iphone? It finds no devices for me. neither Iphone or PC? I have now managed to set up everything as it should be and streaming audio music from your computer. The machine is absolutely wonderful with internet radio and all the features. But the software is malfunctioning and it hangs "freeze" solid and restart at regular intervals so I am considering returning it. Unfortunately :-( Nah, ush so tired I become! Here, lay out 2000 bucks and then believed surely that one should get a kitchen radio that works. But no. The malfunction all the time. Freezes, the screen goes white, then shifts in all colors and then start the software on. All without a single error. The whole process takes 5-6 minutes and happens often, almost every time I change the function or let it go by. What worthless! I bought it from CD ON and I will not shop there more. They can not be reached by telephone and the like "diss" me, I feel like. I sent email to them three days ago, but have not received any other answer than that the message has been sent to their elekronikavdelning. I always shop at Netonet and they are always courteous and rap when it comes to returns and complaints. But they had run out of this model and I decided to try the CD ON, but I regret it now. Hate this stuff hassles!
    I like the design on this, and it is relatively easy to use with my standards. It has many fun 'new' connectivity options, including support Play-to from Windows / Android / etc (DLNA) and Apple's Airplay counterpart from Itunes / Ipod / Iphone. You can also via the display Browse distributed music on the network. With more and more ... However, I have had some problems with it sometimes hangs when I stream to it and "next track" from the remote when running a playlist via Airplay (remote speaker) I am not allowed to work. Hope it comes an updated and more stable software to the future (can be updated according to the menu) but do not have too high hopes. However, it is perhaps not entirely correct only blame the unit for this problem when including network and computer are involved but it works in all cases not stable and the device hangs / freezes instead of eg give error message (some times only solution was to cut the power to it). The problems have only arisen in connection with my running play to (DLNA) and AirPlay (Itunes remote speaker) to it from the computer / phone / iPod. Bluetooth plug can be purchased but went on all 600: - at the time of purchase so I waited. I think it has really good FM reception. Completely noise-free even though I know that it stands in a place with poor reception and without the antenna properly unwound. Internet Radio channels are easy to find and save as favorites using the remote and the small display. You can choose between two different shutdown modes on this in the settings, an "active standby" mode where it draws 16W and then start it quickly (it is well in principle on the situation but with the display of and looks off out). When it is in the "active stand-by mode", it turns on automatically each time you run the play to it over the network, which is kind of funny and sometimes practical. In the second situation where turning off completely (0.5W standby) so it maybe take some 45SEK on it (have not measured) to start. It is worth noting, however, that FM radio starts quickly even in this position (the last selected channel) if you listened to the radio before they hit it off. They can also raise / lower the volume while it is starting up but that is all (not eg change the FM channel). The sound is very good if one sees it as a radio / mini-system, but some high-end or HIFI feeling arises not true. On the whole, I am satisfied with the purchase of this. Have it in the kitchen and mostly listen to FM radio on it.
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