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    + Stylish (looks plasticky out the images, much better looking in real life). Easy to put it together and get started. Many complain about the engine. Mine is absolutely completely silent. Runs very smoothly and nicely. Easy to use. - Pretty pricey. No button to select between 33 and 45 RPM. Understand the reason for this, but it feels a bit "ridiculous" on such an expensive player. Once you've done it a few times, it takes no more than 10 seconds. Poorly grounded, it seems. Have grounded player to preamp: one just following the instructions, but it still hums a little in the speakers when not playing music and turn the volume relatively high. Brummet increases if you hold your hand close to the pickup. As the volume of the preamp: a (Pro-Ject Phono Box) I have is so high, so no need to pull out as much volume, and gets therefore, no hum, at least not in an obvious way. If you play high enough that it hums loud without music, so noticeable that it is not. It is not at all certain that others are experiencing the same thing. How much / little racket you get depends on a lot of factors. Hard to pinpoint the beginning of the grooves in the boards for a beginner. Has happened several times that the needle has flipped the disc at the beginning of track 1 as I put down the needle a few millimeters too far out. Certainly one thing that makes you better at everything since, and certainly nothing that is unique to this player. May also have something to do with anti-skate/tracking force, although this is set exactly according to the specifications of the pickup. The pickup has a problem with "inner groove distortion" in some of my records, ie. the last track on the disc sounds pretty bad (especially the "s" sound, and treble). This is something you more or less have to live with if you do not want to spend even more money. Update 2014-02-06: These two problems seem to have disappeared more or less completely after inserting the tracking force to 1.8 instead of 1.75, and let the needle "record themselves" properly. I had trouble getting a couple of discs to play properly in the beginning, this problem is now completely gone. As the needle definitely need "record" not only for the sound's sake. In summary, I am satisfied with my purchase.