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    Ok, it does what it should. But the traffic jams when there are other cars around so it often becomes noise, which is perhaps not so surprising. One of the better FM transmitters I have used for this price in any case.
    Like the previous speaker, I can attest that there is an annoying background noise and that as soon as I try to download something through the socket of the connector so dies the transmitter after a short while. Just as if the power is not enough ... Will be returned ... Otherwise, I like sharp automatic frequency search. It is wonderful and works perfect but it weighs unfortunately not up enough. Especially as this product is in comparison quite expensive.
    Forever beeping sound and noise. Do you sit in a traffic jam so it can not be used when provided with the crazies. Otherwise ok but will not buy again after it broke down after a year.
    Agree with what is written here. Setup is simple, just plug in and go running, but there is a constant background noise that makes itself felt. Have often been waving around with it, hang it in the mirror, pull it over the dashboard etc. to find a place where the noise subsides. Thankfully, all the job's cars now Bluetooth.
    I returned this product due to its poor performance. Also very expensive for what it was. Would not recommend
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