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    This review is a comparison with other FM transmitters I used and other car audio solutions I had. Overall, it is easily worth the money. The sound of an FM transmitter will always be inferior to a real car stereo. But as bad as people describe it here, I really do not think it is. In this case, I think it depends as much on the stereo and audio device that the car possesses, or the EQ settings you use. It may be a really top marks when it comes to ease of use. I have an iPhone that constantly has Bluetooth enabled. When I sit in the car automatically activates it up in 2-3 seconds, and I press play (either FM transmitter large round button, or Mobile) to start the music without hassle. I press again to pause it. I press twice to change to the next track. I keep inside it for 2 seconds to start voice control and I can ask to call any of my contacts. Easier it gets! Are we two mobiles in the car, just connect it up against the last set quite easily. The sound seems to me clearly to be approved / good to be an FM transmitter. No notable disturbances selecting "ClearScan" and the best FM channel. I drive a Volvo V50, and dials up the bass and treble quite a lot to get to it. But yes, the sound is a bit one-dimensional and "flat", but actually do not hugely significant difference to the sound of P4 or other radio channels. Have tried both the house, country, hard rock, singer songwriter music, and everything works out with good results. But little flat as I said. The base will definitely be, at least in a V50. But again, no great bass in a brand music system. But it is there clearly. Now, here 1-2 months later, I'm not even that sound would be a problem. All forms of talk (pods, summer P1, documentaries, etc.) works like clockwork. Hands-free sound pulls down the average rating anything, but it is still approved for the calls I need the car. They on the other end of the call, sometimes complain that I heard a little bad, but it dissolves if they max out the volume in their mobiles or I go a little closer to the mike. Usually you can talk to a normal conversation (answering simple push of a button on the FM transmitter, add a further touch of a button) without major problems. But for this purpose, there are certainly better products on the market I guess. The device is otherwise attractively on the dashboard, and the cord tucked discreetly away in the bar all the way up to the 12v socket. So it is minimal in the path of another car. Like even that one can recharge their mobile phones at the same time via USB. Without doubt the best FM transmitter I have tested in my days. An even better sound, especially for hands-free conversations had given it 10 stars.
    Va had to return it to the store. The sound eh so bad so I could not hear. Absolutely no base at all so for those who like hard rock, I strongly advise against buying this.
    Bought Belkin CarAudioConnect FM Bluetooth today and I thought it was really good! Have had a cheaper variant but the glappade only. Have a Volvo S40 with the original stereo and the dryers did not spend the money on buying brand new stereo as for 649 SEK, it was a good investment. It was easy to relax into the car and together with the phone.
    As previous reviewers. Really good idea, but really poor workmanship. Sorry, there are only a few counterparts and these can in principle only to get on ebay or similar. Well, the sound quality is relatively poor in comparison with an FM transmitter from the auto parts store for 99 SEK sound is completely substandard. Strong S-sound, generally veiled and dull sound. Additionally, the sound occasionally break through and distal. This is solved somewhat by lowering the sound on the phone and raise your car stereo, but then you get a higher background noise. Nice with RDS function, sad, however, that the only show playing, paused. To change the song works well, though you have to double click slowly to the understanding, which in itself requires some practicing. The loudspeaker is a really great feature and the sound receiving end is good, however, is the sound of the car from the speaking pretty bad and in my case very high in comparison with the music, and then I have still lowered as much as possible on the phone. If you get an incoming call, it is easy to answer, it switches over to the music again when the call ends. But, sometimes you get it to stop broadcasting music for somebody minute (for calls), and accordingly, a huge noise. When one is forced to turn off BT on the phone and manually cupping up again. This also happens if you do not play music. Suppose you sit in the car, it connects to the receiver. Play is not music, it will take a couple of minutes late will the gigantic roar. It's like it goes into sleep mode with the transmission, thus you are forced to turn off the stereo and then turn it back on if you want to answer a call. Very strange. The controller has a long cable so I have mounted cigarette socket at the rear of a Volvo V70, which makes it a little cords visible. In contrast, one would have wished that it had dedicated buttons for music playback. Additionally feels display quite unnecessary as it only shows the frequency, which rarely change, and the information is pretty irrelevant. It would have been nice if this could show music information or incoming calls, and only rate once you are changing. I recommend unfortunately not this product. Unfortunately, it is still necessary in my car when it is the only device with the features I want.
    Bought Belkin Car Audio Bluetooth to my BMW and it is excellent considering the price. I have bought the latest model which is without a FM transmitter. This is a perfect buy for anyone who does not want to put lots of money on installing a ritkig bluetooth in his car. I drive a BMW 520 combi that had bluetooth installed when I bought the car. Now with Belkin brilliant product so I can stream spotify without weirdness and with high-quality sound. But above all, I like to talk on the phone without fumbling around with the phone when I drive. + The sound quality is pretty good for the caller, and it is no pesky sound that makes it hard for the other person to hear what they say. + Hear no feedback from the speakers + The display is blue when it is paired with the phone and otherwise orange. Really neat when it's dark. + Easy to answer an incoming call Considering how much it would cost me to install a real bluetooth receiver in your car, this is a chapter (original BMW would cost at least 15,000 SEK installation costs, etc.).
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