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Product information

    435 mm
    RMS power, 8 ohm, 20Hz-20kHz (all)
    115 W
    Bluetooth, DLNA certified, Support for internet radio, Display, Built-in Wi-Fi, Multi zone (audio/video multiple rooms)
    Built-in D/A converter


    Amplifier class
    Built-in D/A converter
    D/A audio
    24 bit / 192 kHz


    Analogue RCA stereo inputs
    5 pair
    Analogue RCA stereo outputs
    2 pair
    Composite input
    0 pc
    Digital coaxial input (S/PDIF)
    2 pc
    Digital optical input (S/PDIF)
    2 pc
    Front/side connections
    Headphone output
    1 pc
    Other connectors
    Ethernet (Network/RJ-45)
    Phono input
    Pre output (full range)
    Pre-output (subwoofer)
    Speaker connectors
    4 pair
    Speaker connectors (type)
    Screw / banana
    Number of USB connectors
    1 pc


    Supported audio files


    Available colours
    Black, Silver, Grey


    Dimensions (WxHxD)
    392 mm
    151 mm
    435 mm
    9.8 kg


    Bluetooth, DLNA certified, Support for internet radio, Display, Built-in Wi-Fi, Multi zone (audio/video multiple rooms)


    Radio receiver
    Type (radio)
    FM, AM, RDS radio, DAB, DAB+
    Streaming standards
    AirPlay, Spotify Connect, MusicCast


    Optical drive

    Audio features

    RMS power, 2ohm, 20Hz-20kHz (all)
    RMS power, 4 ohm, 20Hz-20kHz (all)
    105 W
    RMS power, 6 ohm, 20Hz-20kHz (all)
    RMS power, 8 ohm, 20Hz-20kHz (all)
    115 W

    Power supply

    Operational Power Consumption (min-max)
    Power consumption (standby)
    0.1 W
    Separate power connector (mains)
    Integrated cable


    Release year
    Remote control
    Remote control app for mobile / tablet



    4.5 of 5 stars

    Based on 10 reviews

    Wonderfully easy to use receiver with great sound and beautiful retro look. Beautiful front of brushed aluminum (I bought the silver model), with comfortable knobs. The sound is really really good, I run with Dali Zenzor 3 and has not tested any other speakers. I mainly wanted to listen to music, but also to run out the TV / movie / video game sound through it. IOM that music was the first choice as were two speakers most logical. Am so glad I did it, then you avoid the "staging" problems which come with 5.1, where you practically have to sit still in the optimal point on the sofa to get a good music experience. The reason I completely love this product are ultimately I can control it fully with my smartphone. MusicCast app from Yamaha are really good. There may be possible to control the input and volume. However, not bass, treble or loudness -with the kind of settings I need frequently. In addition, Spotify Connect works like clockwork, just select the receiver in the mobile app to wake the system from standby and starts playing. The alarm itself takes about 2-5 seconds and then put it in TBX into standby mode after about 30 minutes after playing all stopped. Have also tested Bluetooth and AirPlay with the wife's mobile phone, and if you put on, for example, a video on youtube that "understands" the receiver to select the correct input so the sound comes through it. Wonderfully. Easier than this, it will not! I was interested in buying a home theater fläskigare model RX-S60xD, but am so glad that I chose this instead. The main reason was to avoid böket calibrating a lot of speakers, while I really would run with just 2 speakers, alternatively as 2.1 system with sub (in the future perhaps). In addition, this model has more Watts / crown and support for A / B speaker that I can get use to. Plus: Awesome good sound, which scales incredibly well from low to high volumes. Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth Network Standby that makes you never have to turn on or turn it off Really good input, both wired and wireless Spotify Connect (best!) Extremely högspelande if desired. Minus: There really is no Allows the budget, so buy it directly and shit in to check on more expensive models, they will not bring something (some might say they sound better or so, but when a receiver sounds like good then it is really subjectivity and quibbles at a high level) . The only reason to abstain would be if you want to connect more speakers, such as home theater .. but I would really recommend a good stereo before a home theater system, then a stereo can handle the task well (away way from Surroundet, which still does not add much to the picture) .
    Nice little stereo amplifier. MusicCast is really good, swallows all formats and with a good app. Playing really good for its price range. Driver a couple Canton floor speakers with verve. Great to be able to stream content via Bluetooth to small JBL Charge 3 on the terrace.
    Great. Bought this as my Pioneer SX 850 from the 1970s broke. Works perfectly with my JBL speakers and Thoréns turntable. Cannon with Spotify and multicast.
    Bought in time for Christmas and lovely price cut. Chose between this and the Blue Sound Power Node 2. Both sounds good, but the Yamaha of adjustment possibilities, bass-treble balance, etc. and plenty of connections. Blue Sound lacks any form of adjustment options, but how often does the fixed sound image of how you want it to sound? For purists, perhaps ... The shape of the Power Node 2 is perhaps more exciting than the R-N602, but for one who has experienced amplifiers for many years, is the classic format is never wrong, but always decorates his place. The installation was easy to find, including NAS and audio files, but the description would need some inspiration from Apple in terms of simplicity and clarity. Clear windows inspired. Run MusicCast on a phone with a small screen which is not optimal. Yamaha remote control is an insult to anyone who wants something simple, but it's many buttons on it anyway. Overall very satisfied.
    Very fine amplifier that works wonderfully with all that it can! Soft fine sound with good sound characteristics that Yamaha is known for! I've tried FLAC via USB and it's really good sound! Spotify Connect is the most used and it works super! The sound is enough for me clearly! Do not regret my purchase in the least and are really happy! However, no remote lavish history but works! It uses MusicCast app anyway and how it works fine anywhere! Really fast the changes must say. So I recommend this clearly! Run by a couple of Q Acoustics 3050 to this and it gives a great sound at any volume, and sitting with a smile all the time!
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