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Product information

    435 mm
    RMS power, 8 ohm, 20Hz-20kHz (all)
    80 W
    DLNA certified, Support for internet radio, Display, Built-in Wi-Fi
    Built-in D/A converter


    Amplifier class
    Built-in D/A converter
    D/A audio
    24 bit / 192 kHz


    Analogue RCA stereo inputs
    5 pair
    Analogue RCA stereo outputs
    2 pair
    Composite input
    0 pc
    Digital coaxial input (S/PDIF)
    2 pc
    Digital optical input (S/PDIF)
    2 pc
    Front/side connections
    Headphone output
    1 pc
    Other connectors
    Analogue RCA (main input), Analogue RCA (HT/processor-in), Ethernet (Network/RJ-45)
    Phono input
    Pre output (full range)
    Pre-output (subwoofer)
    Speaker connectors
    4 pair
    Speaker connectors (type)
    Screw / banana
    Number of USB connectors
    2 pc


    Supported audio files


    Available colours
    Black, Silver, Grey


    Dimensions (WxHxD)
    387 mm
    151 mm
    435 mm
    9.8 kg


    DLNA certified, Support for internet radio, Display, Built-in Wi-Fi


    Radio receiver
    Type (radio)
    FM, AM, RDS radio, DAB
    Streaming standards
    AirPlay, Spotify Connect


    Optical drive

    Audio features

    RMS power, 2ohm, 20Hz-20kHz (all)
    RMS power, 4 ohm, 20Hz-20kHz (all)
    105 W
    RMS power, 6 ohm, 20Hz-20kHz (all)
    RMS power, 8 ohm, 20Hz-20kHz (all)
    80 W

    Power supply

    Operational Power Consumption (min-max)
    190 - 380 W
    Power consumption (standby)
    0.1 W
    Separate power connector (mains)
    Integrated cable


    Release year
    Remote control
    Remote control app for mobile / tablet



    4.3 of 5 stars

    Based on 9 reviews

    Sounds nice! As for urbansan replacing that my old Rotel. Have tried to replace Squad Squad earlier but did significantly better than the amplifier I have acquired as a replacement so I left back replacement. This Yamahan but I am happy with, it plays better than Squad. It stood between Yamaha R-N500 and a new Rotel and I thought that I try to Yamahan to begin with, and I'm happy! Run a 2.1 solution with two surroundare and a sub. Use it to music, television and film. Very smoothly with all the connectivity and playback options. Even driven some dlnA from NAS. In general, the amplifier cruel easy to plug in, in the network cable, and then only does it (in principle). Found NAS directly through the app. The app itself is right chewy and poor unfortunately but good that there is at least one. Tested some internet radio (which I control through the app, you can imagine that it is cruel meckigt to try to control it with the physical remote control). Unfortunately, you can not save favorites via the app without the need to visit a site to save the radio favorites. Tediously. Ugly display, feels old. It is a bit big and bulky (feels quite deep so check that it works with your furniture).
    Bought it for 1-2 months ago and has only been driving with the latest firmware, which works perfect. Wonderful with a stereo amplifier that has Spotify Connect and digital inputs. Do not believe that I encountered even a single small concern, bug or the like. Pushing my Canton GLE 490 with flying colors. Can play fiendishly loud without sounding bad. Really have nothing to complain about.
    Yes, but sure, I can not complain. Will do just fine for light-powered speakers, and in the end it feels like to get something sensible for money. The only downside, in my opinion, is that the display can not be turned off completely. It has however dimmer, so after the adjustment illuminates the at least not very strong.
    Sounds good. Replaces my old Rotel receiver from the early 90s. Practical with Spotify connect and Airplay. Practical Android app to play internet radio, then the remote is not fun to use there. Mha app you can also turn on the stereo, and control the volume. The app A minus is that the volume indicator on the display is shown as negative decibel values ??which all experience as illogical. -47dB Lower volume than -25dB. Only an engineer understands this. Why not have a simple series of numbers from 0 to 100? where 100 is the max? Another minus is that the remote has a thousand small buttons with small text. But on the other hand, one should not need to use the remote so often. Second, the husband Yamaha Android app, since it has airplay and connect spotify that makes you control the content and volume of the cell phone to a great extent. Very good receiver for those who want the music to sound good. Using this together with two floor standing speakers plus a good sub. The equipment used to play music in two rooms and also create good movie sound from the TV.
    I've had the amp for a few months now and after a few updates to its firmware very pleased. I use the optical input for receiving audio from the TV and has also connected a vinyl lap, beyond that, it is almost exclusively streaming via Spotify Connect (which came with a firmware update a few months ago) and AirPlay. The sound is clean and with sufficient aplomb and holds good even at higher volume with a couple of not-too-easy-powered speakers. What impresses most is how seamlessly switching between the different sources, mainly Spotify Connect and AirPlay works. Whether it's running or standby so advertises it always its presence in both protocols and as soon as you send an audio stream on the protocol you wish so it switches itself to the correct source, and then on the standby. It also works great to switch between various devices and accounts to remotely control Spotify Connect playback even during playback, ie if I have started a play from Spotify app on a phone, I can not stop this start a new playback from another phone and then taking this over. The associated app is very simple and are basically used only to select the source and change the volume, on the other hand rarely needed when the both AirPlay and Spotify Connect can adjust the volume themselves. The remote has good range and need not pointed directly at the amplifier to work, which is really appreciated when you do not want to use the phone to control it. The only thing I miss from my previous Onkyo TX-8050 is zone 2, otherwise this amp a pleasant acquaintance straight across. In short, it equals or surpasses my expectations.
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