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  • Terrible
    Stay away. They are selling stuff they don't have in stock. Ordered on 12th of December, called today (11 January) and was advised they don't have it in stock and won't have it until end of month. The item was in stock on the day of purchase.
    5 days ago
  • Terrible
    Hio . Warranty in POWERCITY is a fake . I have bought samsung tv .Spend over 1300 euro . Quality of screen ... White spots on black screen in corners . I went to the store and they send someone for inspection . Two guys came for tv . 2 days later brought back tv and said everything is fine . White spots are biggers and they said this is normal .Went to POWERCITY store again . The same will send somone . Nobody came warranty gone . NEVER EVAR POWERCITY AGAIN !
    20 days ago
  • Very good
    Like this store
    8 months ago
  • Terrible
    Staff is chating on tills and dont give a f... about client. I was waiting 3 minutes untill they finish talking. It was last time when i bought something in Powercity.
    8 months ago
  • Perfect
    Competitively priced and always have stock of offers they advertise
    11 months ago
  • 2016-01-17 - One year ago. User reviews before this time are not included in the rating.

  • Terrible
    Anytime I go to the finglas store. Staff sit around chatting and never interested in helping. Place is dated. Prices are cheap in fairness. But I just get a price match in did or Harvey Norman if power city are cheaper. And their service is much better.
    1 year ago
  • Perfect
    Quality service
    1 year ago
  • Excellent
    Value for money every time. Hard to find a better price.
    1 year ago
  • Excellent
    Honest value for money and great customer service and product warranty assurance. I always find it hard to beat their price
    2 years ago